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Feb 9, 2008
It is true that the Internet has created and continues to create more millionaires than ever before in history. The World Wide Web is an incredible marketing vehicle. Instantaneous communication between people all over the planet is possible 24/7. Communication is integral to all successful businesses. Still, almost 97% of all Internet entrepreneurs fail miserably within the first year of their operations. Do you want to know how to rise above them and succeed? Read on:

1 You have to have a solid business plan. You have to know which product or service you would like to promote. You have to educate yourself and know everything about it. You have to consider demographics and advertising mediums. You have to consider issues such as: licensing, insurance, healthcare, accounting, employees, vehicle's, office furnishings, office equipment, communication mediums and time management.

2 You have to stick to your business plan. The failure to have a good business plan is the same as having a good plan to fail. Once you have developed your solid plan, you need to stick to it - to the letter if possible. Otherwise, emotional reactions another changing mentality factors will lead you to ruin.

3 You have to have the heart of a champion. You have to be determined to succeed at all costs. You have to anticipate resistance from your friends, family and loved ones. You have to be willing to go against the grain and fight for what you want and believe in. You must exercise unlimited persistence.

4 You have to care greatly about customer service. In any business online or off there is an incredible amount of competition. The competition wants to take your money away from you. They want every penny of it! To build a lasting business, you have to please your customers. You need to make them want to give you their repeat business indefinitely. Customer service is paramount.

5 You have to have huge dreams! If you only aspire to get by, then you might just achieve that. Conversely, if you aspire to generate incredible wealth and contentment within your life, you might just achieve that too. Dream! The bigger the better!

6 You have to educate yourself continuously. Your competition will be. In order to become highly successful, you need to learn from the highly successful. You need a mentor somebody to coach you through the hard times. A good coach can help you to remain confident even in the worst of times. You have to expect difficulties to arise. It is only realistic. With a supportive team behind you and unlimited persistence coupled with powerful belief in your own abilities, there will be no stopping you!

There is no doubt that there's plenty of room left for you to become as successful as you dare to. Stop fearing success! Embrace your future. Embrace your abilities. Raise yourself to standards far higher than those of your competition. Now hold yourself to those standards and succeed beyond your wildest dreams!
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Demetrios Tzortzis has coached and mentored countless individuals in online marketing and is unlocking the potential for success without the initial "beginners" slump.
Demetrios Tzortzis
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