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Big Ticket To Wealth Business Review

Feb 9, 2008
Big Ticket To Wealth is a new program in the home business arena. In a sea of opportunities if you expect to be competitive you must bring something to the table that others may not be offering and some incentives that make the internet entrepreneurs eyebrow raise with curiosity. Today we are going to look at Big Ticket To Wealth and see if its got what it takes to go the distance. Also how they stack up to the competition.

Discover The Difference.

After looking at what Big Ticket To Wealth had to offer to the home business entrepreneur there were many differences that could be pointed out that keeps this company in a class of its own. Let's look at the main difference. Most companies online, like Perfect Wealth Formula, Wealthy Marketer, and EDC Gold, specialize in software and a plethora of ebooks that teach online users how to market online and make money. In looking at Big Ticket To Wealth we see that this is consistent. According to the webpage they have everything from, software to add audio to your site to ebooks that reveal the secrets to effective marketing online. All of these the member gets full resale rights to. This is what this company has in common with the previously mentioned companies.

This is where the similarity stops. What sets this company apart from all others on the internet is their large selection of industry specific videos. These videos, according to the CEO, can cost up to $1500 per minute for someone to have produced outside of the company. Big Ticket To Wealth gives its members the opportunity to resell these industry specific videos to website owners at a fraction of the cost. On the site it is suggested that these videos can be sold to, for example, a real estate agent to help her promote her business online. The suggested retail price of these videos sold to the public is $300, although no price is set in stone.

How Do They Get Paid.

Big Ticket To Wealth's flash presentation details the process to becoming an internet millionaire. Here are some highlights. The company touts matching overrides. This means that when a member sponsors someone and that someone makes a sale and earns $900, so does the member who sponsored him. This happening through infinity. Another thing to highlight that sets this company apart is the residual income that they offer on personally sponsored members. This residual is $50 per personally sponsored member. The main page also makes it known that this is an invite only business opportunity.

Now EDC Gold is a two up program that pays out $997 per sale. Two up means that exatly. Your first to sales are passed up to your sponsor. While Weathy Marketer pays $900 and you pass up no sales you don't get the residual pay out. Finally Perfect Wealth Formual is a zero up program that pay up to $1000 per sale but however again there is no residual income involved. Again Big Ticket To Wealth is slightly different than the competition.

How Does One Succeed.

Although Perfect Wealth, EDC Gold, and Wealthy Marketer offer training, Big Ticket To Wealth does their training much differently. They have training set up with more of a team environment where CEO Gerald Van Yerxa personally trains all members. This may be in addition to training the your personal sponsor may already have in place.

These other companies rely more on individual team sponsors to train. This can be good or bad depending on the level of dedication that the sponsor has to his team.


In closing is seems like these programs all have good potential. However Big Ticket To Wealth stands out when looking at product section. They all pay out substantially but Big Ticket To Wealth adds residual income into their compensation plan. Training is a must in these companies and the difference here is CEO training vs. your sponsors training. So take a look at these companies and see which one is the right fit for you.
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Matthew Glenn is a respected internet marketer and works with other industry leading marketers. He personally devotes his time, energy and, effort into making others and his team successful online. To learn more go to: Big Ticket To Wealth.
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