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The Power Of Internet Affiliate Programs In Making Money Offline

Feb 9, 2008
This article is aimed particularly for all of those people who have tried with limited success to compete with all the thousands of the World Wide Web who are selling products or services through the use of affiliate programs.

It is true that big bucks can be made using affiliate programs. However, more time and money can be lost in promoting products and services by means of affiliate programs. All you have to do is look at the numbers.

Statistics show that just about 2% of affiliate marketers make about 95% of the money. Where does that leave the other 98% of the people who are trying to make money in the affiliate program arena?

Most of the people who are involved with affiliate marketing do so because they try to sel to others who have the same interests. This goes on and on down the line.

In most of the affiliate programs, the originator sells most of their products and services on their own. Then it works a little bit like network marketing - you look for you pals to sell, they look for others and so on down the line.

These people make up that 2% of those making 95% of the money that is being made through affiliate marketing. If you are among the other 98% of people who are not making money, isn't it about time you found out how you can also make a profit?

It is a pretty safe bet that just about everyone who markets products and services by way of affiliate marketing lives in different localities. If you only sold to everyone in your certain location, wouldn't you stand a better chance of making a profit in affiliate marketing?

Yes, you would make good money selling service and products through affiliate marketing. However, this is not the main thrust of this article. Let's step it up a notch. Let's see about making a level of profit that will go beyond selling affiliate goods and services.

You can find affiliate products and services that teach others how to do lots of things from repairing fishing rods and reels to restoring and cleaning cemetery headstones. With only these two products in mind think about the audience you would have in your area that would be interested.

If your town or city only had a population of about 10,000, it would be a safe bet to say that approximately 10% of them fish. Out of that 10%, each person would probably own at least two rods and reels. That would equal 2,000 rods that would be in need of repair or service.

Let's say it took about $30 to repair a rod or reel. That would mean that you would be looking at an annual income of $60-$120,000. You learned how to do this from a simple affiliate product. This is only part-time income.

Now turn your attention to the number of cemeteries and headstones in your locality that need restoring, cleaning and maintaining. There are people who are making some big money restoring and cleaning headstone just twice a year in your area.

People can easily get $100-$400 for cleaning or restoring a headstone. Most do this twice a year and it is usually done on Memorial Day and Veterans Day. One could probably do this full time throughout the year because the need is there and families of the deceased loved ones are looking for someone to do this for them.

You would not have to clean or restore a multitude of headstones to make some big money working just twice a year. This, too, is something you learned from an affiliate program.

You should not be getting the idea that you should look for affiliate services or products that will teach you a marketable skill or something where you can earn money by teaching others. A good example of an affiliate product that teaches you how to make good money while teaching others is "How to Generate Real Estate Leads". There are probably many real estate agents in your area who would be willing to pay you big bucks in order to learn how to generate real estate leads. After all, that is the life blood of their business.

This is how you can use Internet affiliate program to make money offline. You can do all of this without websites, search engine optimization, competition, blogs, adwords, pay per click or many of the other obstacles that have prevented you for making the money you have desired from using affiliate products and services.

Now that you have discovered this secret of making money, use it to find those affiliate products and services that you can learn and then teach others, or those that will give you a marketable skill that is in demand for making those big bucks at last.
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