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What Is the Central Idea of Your Blog Site

Feb 10, 2008
After you have structured that sentence on the central idea that you want to convey to the reader, strive to develop more details about it, to help him or her to grasp this and keep in the mind.

Sentences aimed at elaborating further that central theme of yours as much as possible should be constructed short and brief. Extended and long-winded statements, especially if they are awkwardly constructed, tend to confuse the reader and to totally lead him or her to misunderstand what you want to convey. Instead of getting the readers interest in what you are trying to tell, you could be taxing his or her patience in trying to make something out of what you are saying.

Avoid using technical terms which may still be unfamiliar to many people in the first place. It is better to assume that the average reader is someone who is not very familiar with cyber language. At this stage now of the development of online technology, it is best to start from the bottom. It is prudent to assume that the reader is a first timer, and strive to speak the language of one who is new in cyber space, to be on the safe side. Try to use common, every day language for the benefit of those who are relatively new to the game.

Some techies tend to use words or terms which have been created because of the advent of the Internet, but which only those exposed to the online community for quite sometime can reasonably understand. If you communicate with the public in such a manner, it is almost likely that many people will not understand what you are saying.

So be practical in fashioning your language in your blog postings. Simplify your presentation to ensure that your anticipated readership will have a relatively easy time in reading and comprehending your ideas.

If necessary, structure your presentation in a step-by-step manner, so someone reading it can easily follow your line of thought without much effort. Doing so can likely result in more hits on your blog site, which is a development that you have been hoping for sometime anyway to happen.

Your writing constructively and purposely will arouse the publics interest and entice your readers to explore more extensively your site. Be straight to the point and state your case simply and directly, as much as you can. Do not flounder with non-essentials that might just cause instead the blog reader to reach for that mouse and move elsewhere in the Internet.

Of course you will not like a consequence of that sort to happen. You have gone this far, after a lot of hard work, so your main concern now is to try to keep your readers focused on your blog site. And do not forget that a satisfied readership built up this way, will likely spread the word to others, and create more traffic in the direction of your website.
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