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Make It Simple To Grow Profits Faster

Feb 10, 2008
Many nonprofit organizations and for-profit providers get confused when a beneficiary encourages them to make it simple. The providers imagine some bare-bones offering that provides no choices.

Let's look at the problems with providing bare-bones offerings to make life simpler for beneficiaries. Among tools, a standard screwdriver is considered by many to be a simple offering.

But if you need to attach or remove a Phillips-head screw (with slots in the shape of a +), a standard slotted screwdriver (which fits a screw with a single straight slot on it) won't do you any good. Even if you have a Phillips-head screwdriver, that screwdriver needs to be the right size or you still have a problem. You either cannot fit the screwdriver into the screw slots, or you tear up the screw head as you wield a too-small screwdriver.

The person who wants to screw or unscrew needs a kit that will fit virtually any kind of or size screw head. The alternative is to own lots of screwdrivers . . . a choice that's of limited interest to those who rarely use screwdrivers.

In addition, the casual repairer often lacks the hand strength to drive in and remove screws. When you pre-drill a hole of the right size, the screw goes in more easily. For a tough-turning screw or for those with arthritis, an electric screwdriver is a much appreciated help.

As a result, a wise manufacturer interested in serving new homeowners might sell kits that include a cordless drill with drill bits that would work for 95 percent of home repairs and a cordless electric screwdriver with screw driver ends that would fit 95 percent of all screws found in the average home. But that's not enough!

What are typical uses for such screws? Hanging pictures, putting up new drapes and blinds, and working on furniture account for almost all of the applications around our house. For most of those tasks, it would be helpful to have a tape measure that a person could use with one hand and a level (whether the traditional sort or a laser-based one). For the heavier pictures, it would be great to have a stud finder so that the screw would connect into something more solid than plaster.

And if you ruin a screw, it would be a real time-saver to have some replacements in the right size.

With the right tools and materials, a home fix-up goes fast and is uninterrupted by trips to the local hardware store or the more distant home improvement center. The time savings from avoiding those trips can often be more than 95 percent of the time expended for such tasks in many homes.

As you can see, making it simple for casual home tool users means providing them with a more complete and complex offering. With enough research, the tool provider would be able to assemble different kits that work well for 95 percent of the people in various residences such as small apartments, typical condos, standard townhouses, small single-family homes, and larger single-family dwellings.

The offering provider has (or can learn) the information needed to eliminate most of the delays. When such providers take the time to put together what beneficiaries, users, and consumers really need, delays disappear. But eliminating those delays has to be on the offering provider's list of priorities or avoidable delays will continue.

Notice that there's a secondary benefit from eliminating the delays for the manufacturer. The offering provider's tool kits block competitors for many years to come from having a chance to sell those same offerings to the well-stocked customer.

How can you make it simple for customers and stimulate more profit growth?
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