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What To Resell? - 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Ebooks To Resell Online

Feb 10, 2008
Reselling ebooks is an easy way to start out your online business for a number of reasons, but I'm only going to talk about the most important 3 in this article.

Reason No.1

They are available everywhere. If you do a little research you can find hundreds of collections of ebooks that come with master resell rights or basic resell rights. The difference is that with master resell rights you have to right to pass reselling rights to your customers, while with basic you just have the right to resell the ebook. After you purchase ebooks with resell rights, you can sell them and keep all of the profits. There is no royalty fee or anything else you have to pay. Whatever you sell them for is entirely up to you and all the money are yours.

Reason No.2

A powerful reason why ebooks are a good way to start an online business is because there is no physical inventory involved. You do not have to store your ebooks, because they are in an word/pdf format and not physical products. They reside on your computer as computer files. Once you purchase them, all you need to do is save them on you computer and start reselling them. No need to buy the same ebook twice because you can sell unlimited copies of that ebook.

You never need to restock. You will never run out no matter how many you sell, so start selling as many copies as you like.

Just think about it: if you want to sell a physical product, you need to ship it out when a sale is made. This means that you would need to pack, post and take it to the post office, which is a great waste of your time. Ebooks, on the other hand, require no effort on your part to deliver to your customers.

The entire sales process can be automated so that you don't have to do anything (except collecting the cash ) when the sale is made. It's very easy: when a sales is made, the automated system will send an email to the buyer with the ebook attached or the system will send an email with instructions explaining to the buyer how to log on to the internet to download their purchase and everything is done pretty quickly so that the buyer doesn't have to wait for any package. It's instant delivery for him and instant money for you!

Reason No.3

The last but not least reason why finding ebooks to resell is a great idea is that ebooks can be sold in a number of different ways. But even if there are more ways to do this, the best and easy way to do this is by setting up your own website, with your own domain (this costs about $20 with the hosting and the domain name registration) and sell them there. This is gotten easier because when you buy ebooks to resell, you also get the sales page as a gift so you just have to get the domain and host it and you'll be reselling the ebook in no time at all!

Remember: Not all ebooks are equal! Some of them are worthless and can not be sold because they are old or they lack value, but there are some ebooks that people are fighting to get their hands on! These are the ebooks you need to be reselling because these will make you money!
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