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Master Resell Rights - What To Look Out For When Choosing A Product With Master Resell Rights

Feb 10, 2008
Before choosing a product with master resell rights you should know what to look out for and take into consideration and on which criteria you will choose the most suited product for your needs. Here are the most important 3 questions to ask yourself before purchasing a master resell product:

1. Does the product (ebook, software) come with a website (sales letter and thank you page)?

This saves you a lot of precious time, because if you already have a pre-written sales letter you can just put it up online and start selling. Or you can modify it a little bit, here and there to give it a unique twist.

2. What terms does the owner give you?

There are a whole bunch of master resell rights products out there so be sure to read the terms and conditions (what you can and can not do with the product) before you buy it. This is for your own good. You could have some unpleasant surprises if you don't do this. For example you should always make sure that the product cannot be given away free or you might find it difficult to sell. Some products allow this so be careful.

Some products can be offered as a bonus. This can be good or not so good for you, depending what you intend to do with the product. If you already have a product to sell and you are looking for a related bonus to add to it then a master resell rights product that can be offered as a bonus is great for you. This is also the case if the product is brand new, because you will sell it faster just because people have the possibility to offer it as a bonus to their own products.

But, on the other hand if you don't have your own product to sell and you just want a product with master resell rights to resell and make a profit with, then you should be looking for products that can not be offered as a bonus to another product. Why? Because in time, a product that can be offered as a bonus devaluates and eventually becomes very hard to sell (because people see it all the time offered as a bonus and they prefer to buy that product and get it for free).

3. What format has the product?

Is it video, audio, software, ebook? The format of the product should have a great influence on your final decision. You should ask your self a couple of questions here:

What market I'm a addressing here? Is this market looking for something to read, hear or see? Are they teenagers who aren't very probably to take the time to read an ebook (because, let's face it teenagers hardly read these days)? On the other hand does my market appreciate an ebook instead of a video or audio? (There are thousands of markets who prefer ebooks instead of video, audio).

Be very careful when you are looking into these things as this will determine the kind of profits you will have!
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