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Niche to Streamline Marketing & Boost Success

Feb 10, 2008
One of our clients was overjoyed to share with us that she's now a Grandma...or should we say Glamma? Baby Boomers are joining the ranks of Grandma and redefining their new role as Glamma. Think Goldie Hawn vs. Edith Bunker.

The new generation of Glammas are 47+ years old, healthier, wealthier, and focused on living and expressing their passion. You'll see them at the fitness center lifting weights, doing Pilates, strutting on the treadmill. You'll see them taking up long-deferred hobbies or interests like piano, painting, travel, continuing education. You'll see them sharing their passions with overscheduled grandkids in an attempt to show them simple, fun outlets.

Sandwiched between parents and their own children, Glammas are redefining their roles and how they'll interact with their grandchildren. It's an exciting stage and potential niche for coaches, consultants, retailers, travel agents, educational programming...you get the picture.

Many business owners shy away from declaring a niche, worried that they'll lose customers or clients. Yet trying to be everything to everybody is a set up for frustration, inefficiencies and poor marketing results.

On the other hand, niche marketing allows a business owner to target a very specific audience, such as the Glamma niche, and provide exactly what that core target market wants and needs. When you define your niche, you'll know where to focus your public relations and advertising efforts. You'll know the type of promotions that will grab the attention of your core target market. You'll know the marketing messages that will inspire them to take action.

Imagine two overlapping circles. The circle on the left represents you, your business and your area of expertise. The circle on the right represents your core target audience, including their wants, fears and aspirations. The overlapping portion of the circles represents the moment in time when your paths cross and you can offer solutions tailored to a particular niche.

Now imagine an arched "bridge" connecting the two circles near the top. Your goal is to create that connection and "emotional bridge" with your core target audience. When you are in alignment, energy flows, sales abound.

Take some time from the busy-ness of your business to create a crystal clear vision.

1. Define your area of expertise.
2. Define the benefits you offer.
3. Define your core target market.
4. Define marketing strategies that bridge your area of expertise with your target market's needs.

Now pull it all together. The secret to your big business success is determined by your ability to powerfully communicate your business with laser precision, your ability to align with the right prospects and customers, and your ability to deliver a clearly-defined and consistent experience.

So how are you doing? Think about where you're going and how you're going to get there. It's easier to achieve success when you can answer "yes" to the following questions:

1. Have you defined your memorable and unmistakable brand identity that ensures your business will be around for a long time?

2. Do you know how to foster a deep connection with your prospects and customers?

3. Can you articulate your distinct point of difference -- the one trait that sets your business ahead of the pack?

4. Have you mastered strategies that pull your customers in like a magnet?

5. Do you know how create loyalists, or customers who never stray?

These are tough questions to answer on your own. What's the solution? Hire a marketing coach, declare a niche, and develop stategies that are just right for you. We guarantee you'll streamline your marketing and boost your success.
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Certified Marketing Spitfire Leslie Hamp is creator of the 'Fast Track to Marketing Mastery' and boostyourbottomline.com. To learn more about the step-by-step program, and to sign up for your free Marketing Mastery Success Kit, visit http://www.boostyourbottomline.com
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