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Feb 10, 2008
This may come as a surprise... that there is a lot of money to be made promoting dating programs via affiliate marketing. And what a market this is, it won't go away in a hurry.

Making money as dating affiliate has 1 major problem that needs to be over come, that is most affiliate spend more in advertising than what they will receive in commissions.

You must first understand exactly how much are willing to spend and how much you will receive in return.

This thought process is critical in your affiliate success.

Tip#1 -- Look for more PPC search engines to advertise with (other than Adwords).

Many affiliates focus solely on Adwords, which can be a major mistake. They need to look at other PPC options to gain success.

Adwords can be very expensive and if not done correctly, an affiliate can burn through a lot of money.

So join other PPC programs such as:

MSN Ad Center
Go Click
7 Search
Search 123

And many other pay per click search engines can be found after some simple research online.

TRIP#2 Make Sure the affiliate has good training.

Many websites still don't have a good training area for their affiliates. On one of my affiliate programs, How To Pick Up Sexy chicks, not only do we have many ideas to promote our course, but we have many training videos from You Tube.

We show people how to use different strategies to promote our affiliate program and you can learn how by going to http://www.howtopickupsexychicks.com/affiliate_program.html

Tip#3 Make sure you get paid regularly.

I have used Clickbank to host my dating products and they pay my affiliates every 2 weeks. So having prompt payments, keeps my affiliates promoting.

See example: http://www.dateromanianwomen.com/affiliate.html

Tip #4 Keep a checklist

Here is an under used method, create a promotion checklist that you can do on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Most big businesses are run by systems, and systems are simple checklists. For example:


1.Make a comment on your blog
2.Write an article with your home page and one inner page in the authors resource section.
3.Check Adwords Delete worst performing ads - rewrite best performing ad.
4.Submit your article to article directories

And so forth.

If you stick to a checklist and spend less time checking emails, you find yourself gaining momentum and success.

Tip#5 Expand your keyword list

Many affiliates are not creative enough when it comes to keyword research. Go to Amazon and search for online dating in books. There you can search inside books, I have gained many extra keywords by using this method. So make larger keywords list that are relevant to your dating niche.

If you follow these ideas you will become much more successful with your Dating affiliate marketing.

So make a list of different ways you can promote your dating programs and go out and take solid action. It the action of testing, promoting of dating affiliate programs that lead to a constant improvement of your online marketing results.
About the Author
Andrew Clacy has 3 major dating affiliate programs you can join: http://www.howtopickupsexychicks.com/affiliate_program.html http://www.dateromanianwomen.com/affiliate.html and http://www.datingmagic.net/webmasters.htm Join now and make money. This article can be reprint if all links are left live in the article.
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