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How To Sponsor Downline Without Cold Calling Leads

Feb 10, 2008
If you are reading this article, most probably, you hate cold calling and you would like to know how to sponsor downline without any cold calling.

This is what you are going to learn in this article. Take note that the techniques you are going to learn can be applied to any MLM companies that you belong to.

Let's go through the individual step now.

1) Positioning Yourself In Front Of Your Prospects

Prospecting is tiring and inefficient. Imagine trying to hunt down people who are not even interested to start a business in the first place. Why not try to position yourself in front of people who are already interested.

How do we do that?

Well, make full use of the internet. People use the internet to search for information. What they will usually do is to use the search engine for research. For example, if you want to find out more about "cold calling leads", you will probably type in the term "cold calling" or "cold calling leads" in search engines like Google or Yahoo.

I believe you may have stumbled upon this article because you type in the keywords like "how to sponsor downline" or "cold calling leads". That is how I position myself in front of you. Or you may be a subscriber of a newsletter. Somehow, a publisher publishes my article and now you are reading it. The method I am using here is article marketing. Of course, you can also use other methods like pay per click, solo ads etc.

Obviously, your article has to be relevant to your audience. For example, you don't write about cats if your readers are dog lovers.

2) Drive Visitors To Your Squeeze Page and Capture
Their Information

The next step you want to do is to capture your visitors' information.

How do we do that?

Firstly, you need to build a simple webpage called a squeeze page. This is the page whereby you capture your visitors' information. You will want to attract as many targeted prospects as possible to your squeeze page.
For example, at the end of every article, you will include a link to your squeeze page. If your readers like your article, they will definitely visit your squeeze page.

Obviously, you want your visitors to opt in to your squeeze page. A general practice is to provide an incentive for people to opt-in to your list. For example, a free report, a free eCourse etc. I recommend that you collect only the first name and email address in the beginning. Make it easy for people to opt in. The more information you require, the lower your conversion rate.

3) Follow Up With Your Subscribers

By subscribing to your list, it means they have given you permission to contact them. Now you see why this method is much more powerful than cold calling leads. The people you are cold calling have not given you permission to contact them.

The method I am going to describe is called email marketing. Email marketing has several advantages. Firstly, it is non intrusive as compared to cold calling. You do not have control over the people you are calling. Who knows? They may be busy when you called them.

People usually check email in their free time. Therefore, they are more likely to be in a receiving mood.

Secondly, you probably won't get a chance to call them again if you fail to convince them. Email marketing is different. You have a lot of time to contact them as long as they stay on your list. Obviously, you want to send them valuable information. Information that will benefit your subscribers.
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