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Usability; The Future Of SEO?

Feb 10, 2008
Most businesses when they decide to invest in SEO services expect results almost instantly. Granted with efficient SEO techniques this is almost possible but it is all pointless if the host website is not user friendly. Usability is becoming increasingly the buzzword in the search engine optimisation industry as how a website services its customers is far more important than rankings in the long term.

Businesses generally want rankings rapidly so results are quickly evident, they do not want to hear criticisms of their website or how they can improve its functionality. Having great SEO however without good investment is like having a popular bar teeming with bar flies, you may get them in but chances are; they will not buy anything.

Taking the bar analogy further, investing in SEO when your bar is inundated with flies is like spending a fortune on an advertising campaign; producing flyers and drumming up trade on the street only for customers to come in, see the swarms of flies and turn right around and head out the door. You may well make more profit through your advertising but customers are still leaving the instant they enter the premises. This is like a website with great optimisation but poor usability, customers will simply not use you products.

The reason businesses would not prefer to completely re-haul their websites is due to time and expense. Website design is not cheap and like fixing the fly problem, will take time and effort for little immediate results. SEO companies will quickly advocate redesigning a website from scratch to allow users an easier method of consuming goods that once twinned with optimisation will provide brilliant results.

SEO can bring customers to your site; they cannot however force people to use your products. Businesses must realise that for the online element of their business to succeed it must provide the user with stress free purchases. Only through this method is success assured; an old rule in business is to give the customer what they want and the same is true with online business.

A common misconception is that re-hauling a website to be more user friendly will result in better trade, user friendliness is not the only factor to consider to ensure your online business thrives. Website must also be search engine friendly allowing spiders to enter the site efficiently and report back to their search engine resulting in higher rankings. Bearing this in mind at all stages of website development is a necessity to online business.

Doing both of these and twinning them good SEO services is the ideal equation. Efficient SEO given time will produce results; it will bring larger numbers of visitors to your site looking to buy you businesses types of product. It is however your responsibility, or at least the website designers responsibility to convert these visitors into sales. The old adage of 'you can lead a horse to water, but cannot make it drink' is very true in SEO; it is website designers that have to force the horse to drink.

Modern SEO companies are quickly realising this and beginning to offer a full range of services that will not only optimise a site but also make it more search engine and user friendly. This has been widely believed to be the future of the industry and those who do not evolve may find themselves falling by the wayside.
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