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Success Coach Asks: Why Are You Ignoring These Potential Clients?

Feb 10, 2008
If you're looking to give your cash flow a boost then the easiest place to find new business is with your current clients. I know you've probably heard this before but I bet you haven't heard exactly how to make this strategy work.

Marketing consultants call this is the "Low Hanging Fruit" strategy. I especially love this strategy because it's quick and simple. It allows you to offer more of yourself to your client in a way that is abundantly authentic.

You see, I'm willing to bet that your clients want a lot more help from you than you probably realize. Unfortunately, many coaches and consultants minimize their value, and therefore limit how creative they could be in creating new programs or services that fill their clients' needs.

Using the Low Hanging Fruit Strategy gives you the opportunity to create multiple streams of income for your business, and gives your clients opportunities to receive greater value and achieve more of what they want.

Here are 4 quick tips for picking (and profiting) from the Low Hanging Fruit Strategy:

1.) Create a "Platinum" type of program. This is the same strategy I used last spring to instantly add over $125,000.00 in revenue to my business. The program added intensive, highly-personal value for the women entrepreneurs who took advantage of the program. Platinum programs are incredibly fun to offer because you get to work in-depth with clients who are highly invested in taking action.

2.) Offer a "Private Day with You" option. This is another high-ticket offer that is easy for your current clients to say "yes" to. Why? Because they know that a day spent with you (at your site or at theirs) gives them intensive, hands-on support and information.

3.) Deliver a "Clients Only" teleseminar focused on their hot topic. I'm sure you're hearing multiple clients struggle with the same issues. Create a short, intensive teleseminar designed to bring together your clients and meet their needs on their thorniest subject. Let them know that the teleseminar is for clients only. Keep the call tightly focused on a specific issue, and charge for it.

4.) Offer an accessory service that you see they need. It will amaze you how often clients are unaware that you can help them in additional areas! Invite them to take advantage of a special assessment, review or program that covers a "side" problem they're having. For example: if you're a leadership coach, it's likely that you see problems in the area of physical fitness. Why not offer a one-day workshop, teleseminar or 90-day success coaching program on improving physical health as a means to becoming a fit leader?

Using the Low Hanging Fruit Strategy can easily add an additional 25%-50% to your income this year. It is the perfect blend of marrying money and meaning because it gives your clients opportunities to create greater results by working with you. And it gives you the opportunity to enjoy harvesting money that is authentically ripe for the picking!
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Business coach Kendall SummerHawk, the "Horse Whisperer for Business" delivers savvy ways for entrepreneurs to turn hectic businesses into 6-figure successes. Get her "7 Quick and Simple Tips to Brand, Package and Price for More Money, Time and Freedom" at http://www.kendallsummerhawk.com.
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