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The Wrong Way and the Right Way to Sell

Aug 17, 2007
See yourself getting a referral from one of your past clients. You thank them for the referral and pick up the phone to call the referral. They answer the phone excited you've called so quickly. The prospect welcomes your call. They've been looking for someone to help with their problem. When their friend said they knew someone who helped them with a similar problem and did a fantastic job, they were elated.

You build instant rapport. You set an appointment to meet. At the appointment you ask questions to easily uncover what they desire. You present the benefits of your product or service and they're excited to finally find a solution to their problem.

You finish the paperwork, collect a check and they give you a referral to one of their friends. You shake hands, smile and walk out feeling absolutely wonderful. You've helped someone solve a problem with your product or service and everyone is happy.

How do you feel right now? Pretty good I'll bet.

Does this senario happen for you on a regular basis?

Why not?

I'll tell you why it doesn't. Because you're not focusing on it.

You're focusing on the opposite. Your asking your self questions like: Why don't I get any referrals? Why do I have so much trouble building rapport. Why can't I uncover what my prospects want? Why do I get so many objections? Why can't I close the sale?

How do you feel after asking yourself those questions? Not very good I'll bet. So why do you think you're having difficulties in sales? Because your getting what you don't want instead of what you do want. And why are you getting what you don't want?

Because, your focusing on what you don't want. You see what ever you focus on you'll get. It's one of the laws of the universe that works as certainly as the law of gravity.

It's called the law of attraction.

The law of attraction states: what ever you focus on you'll get. So if you focus on why you're not making sales, guess what will happen?

Now I'd like to help you experience how changing what you focus on will dramatically increase the results you're getting in sales.

Begin by asking yourself different questions, questions like: Why do I get so many quality referrals? Why do I set appointments easily and effortlessly with my prospects? Why do I build rapport so easily? Why do I easily and effortlessly uncover what my prospect wants? Why do my appointments end in sales.

Can you feel the difference?

Visualize a picture of your ideal sales situation. See your self receiving lots of referrals. See how excited the prospect is when you call. See the sale going smoothly. See them handing you a check and shaking their hand, smiling. See the sale as you desire it to turn out.

Are you beginning to understand how changing what you focus on will change the results your getting?

It works!

It's the law!

Spend time every day focusing on how you desire your day to turn out. Create the day you desire instead of running on auto pilot. Be aware of the negative questions you are asking yourself. Rewrite those questions and make them serve what you desire.

Take control! Change what you're focusing on and watch as your sales begin to turn out just like you planned.
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