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Business Tips for the Entrepreneur

Feb 10, 2008
Entrepreneurship is the profession of the twenty-first century. Technology and globalization has made it possible for anybody with a good business idea to start multimillion dollar companies with nothing more than a computer and an internet connection. Many of the barriers to entry are facilitated with business loans, international suppliers, affiliate marketing, and cheap communication thanks to the internet.

What many entrepreneurs fail to do correctly is choose their market before they get too excited about their product. The graveyard of failed businesses is overloaded with ideas for incredible products that nobody wanted. The best tip an entrepreneur can take to heart is to do market research first and choose the demographics for your business before you invest time and money into a product or service.

Another important tip is how to land joint venture partners. Venture capitalists look at deals every single day from aspiring entrepreneurs, so you got to do your homework before you go begging for money. You want to have real numbers and real results to justify your projections.

No venture capitalist got rich by diving into projects that had no facts to back up the numbers. Another thing to keep in mind is that venture capitalists do not really care about how cool, new, or unique your product is. What will impress your joint venture partners are your marketing plan and your numbers. Good venture capitalists admire enthusiasm and will bring some of their own resources beyond cash into the deal.

Be prepared to fail. Do not fear failure, learn from it and try again. Persistence in the face of failure is a sure formula for success. You will never be beaten until you give up because no matter what you lack, somebody else has what you need and you can get it somehow.

Focus your energies on building systems to protect your legal status and be sure to take careful care of accounting. Many booming businesses have been busted by poor accounting or by lawsuits due to ignorance. Do not become a victim, do everything right.

The most expensive advice is bad advice, so hire only qualified professionals to counsel you. It costs less to hire a lawyer or a certified public accountant to get you set up than to hire them later to try and fix your mess. The most important aspect is to build a business you can resell. Do not become the business.

Outsource whatever you can because your most precious asset should be your time. Make sure you use your time building the system and not doing the business yourself. Many small businesses succeed but are unable to cash out of their business because they do it all themselves.

Seek the benefits of a small business with the power of a big business by keeping your resources and expenses low but your profit margin high. Never outsource your managing, however, since nobody will ever manage your business as well as you will. Maintain the power for all business decisions, especially the ability to write checks for the company
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