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5 Definite Ways To Keep Your Online Customers Away From Your Competition

Aug 17, 2007
Competition is very high and very tough in internet marketing. Besides your online business and website, there are probably millions of other websites completing with you.

In order to get the visitors to your website, you must advertise a lot, and some effort is involved in this process. But once you do get prospects to visit your website, you have to know how to make them buy from you.

You must do all you can to make sure that they do not leave your website without a making a purchase and go to a competing website and buy from it.

So, what can you do to ensure that your website visitors do not leave your website without buying?

1) Offer a lot of benefits on your website.

Offer free tips, information, and list benefits related to what your website offers. Everyone appreciates something for free. It helps to make a your website a 'one-stop-shop' where the prospects or online customer can get more information about the topic related to your products and services. So make sure you have a lot of free information, tips and articles on your website. It is important to have some valuable benefits which your online customers would really appreciate getting if they bought from you. Make your site appealing with lots of information so that your prospects will come back even after they visit other sites.

2) A professional and well laid out website is a necessity.

You must have a friendly website that is easy for your customers to navigate. Have you ever visited a website which is simply confusing - and for the life of you, you do not know what is being sold. Or worse - there were so many things on offer on that website and it was all too confusing? You must avoid having such a website yourself because it will make you lose your online customers. A customer-friendly and clearly laid-out website is a definite way of retaining your online customers. The prospect may really want to buy from you, but if your website is not easy to navigate and takes a lot of time for the prospect to find what they want; they will leave. Make the buying process as easy as possible for the customer. Don't make them hunt down for a button or link to click if they want to order. Clearly have a way for them to purchase an item and be consistent. Place buttons and links in relatively the same location so they know where to click if they want to buy.

3) Easy, free and speedy communication.

Your website is your 'shop' that operates twenty four hours each and every day. You will need to make it easy for your prospects and online customers to get in touch with you. You must have many contact alternatives on your website; namely email address, toll free fax or telephone number, depending on what you see suitable for you and your business. Allow prospects or online customers to contact you by email, and it helps to hyper link your email address so that they do not have to type it in. You must check your emails on a regular basis and respond to any queries as soon as you can. Never spend 24 hours without checking your website emails. If you are unable to get to your email or respond to your phones, make sure you have some form of auto response telling your customers that you will be delayed in replying back to them. They will understand IF you took the time to let them know.

4) Show your customers that you care, and be friendly.

It is very important that you are always ready to help, answer any questions or offer some advice. Be polite to your customers. Show them that you really care about them. Your website is your public "face" and YOU should provide it with a personality that attracts customers just like a friendly face would welcome customers at a local store. Don't forget that your prospects are REAL people and thus YOU should reflect a 'personal touch' in all that you do.

5) Stay in touch.

This ties in with the above aspect, but focuses more on proactively staying in contact with your prospects and online customers. Offer a free e-course or e-zine subscription on your website so that you keep in touch with your website's visitors. This will help you create trust and build a relationship with your prospects, and they will turn into your online customers. Having a 'list' is a definite way of making money online as you can make regular offers to them. After every sale, follow up with the customer and see if they are satisfied with their purchase. Retain their email on your list and offer them any services or products you may have in the future. Offer them special discounts on new items, offer then loyalty rewards by way of discounts or free items etc.

If you follow the above 5 steps, you will increase the chances of your website visitors buying from you. Don't forget that you're website is not the ONLY website out there. So make follow the 5 steps above and give your site a better chance.
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