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Feb 10, 2008
If working from home and working very short hours is for you then you may want to consider looking into paid surveys. I mean if you are looking to become a billionaire from taking online surveys then this is definitely not for you. Taking online surveys can definitely make you a good amount of extra money whenever you need it but I wouldnt recommend doing it if you want to live on a lake and own a Ferrari.

The way that online surveys work is that, companies are willing to pay you for your opinion on how they are running their business. They then take your information and try to make the company a lot better. In fact, most fortune 500 companies do this all of the time and im sure you know that it is obviously a successful marketing plan that they are doing.

Paid surveys can range anywhere from $1-$100. Although it is a lot harder to find the surveys that pay the most amount of money because you actually have to earn the privilege to take those ones. By this I mean you would have to take a lot of small surveys from the company first and if they see that your opinion is useful they will pay you more to take the surveys.

There are many other things that you can make money from that go along with paid surveys. Some of these things include watching movie trailers, reading email, trying out new products and also you can participate in focus groups. Focus groups are one that you should really look into because this way pays the most.
In order to make a good amount of money from paid surveys you really need to take a whole bunch of them.

You can do a search on Google to scope out some companies that are offering money to take surveys and form a list. Once you have your list then you will be more organized as to which ones you will be taking and you can keep track of how much money you are really making.

If you dont like that idea you could sign up with, what I like to "paid surveys middle man". This is a site that tracks all of your profits and also offers a large list of paid surveys that you can take. So you wouldnt have to do any research for the surveys online.

So, there you have it! I have let you know exactly how to maximize your paid surveys profits. Now, all that is let for you to do is to get started immediately and make some money.
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