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A Review Of The HYIP 101 Income Course

Feb 10, 2008
HYIP 101 is a high yield investment program business. With the help of this company and it's ebook resources, you can learn how and where to invent your e-Gold online.

This business was developed by two long time veterans, Peter Claridge and Paul Bulford. Paul Bulford is from England, not sure where Peter Claridge is from. Both of these men have been heavily involved with high yield investment programs in the past. They pass on their combined knowledge to you through HYIP 101. Their ebook is designed for novices and experienced HYIPers alike. They both claim to really have a handle on this market, time will tell I guess.

The company cautions anyone who has never dabbled in these programs before that they are risky and volatile for the unexperienced investor. This is one of the main reasons they created this ebook. So the fact that this website provides full disclaimers is at least reassuring and makes it acceptable for a review by us.

The HYIP 101 Guide will teach you about e-currencies, what they are and how they should be used. The guide offers tools, strategies and tips for securing e-currency accounts. This ebook also introduces you to HYIP's, what you need to know about them and what they are.

This HYIP 101 guide also covers in detail Ponzi's, BOM betting programs, Goldgames. This ebook also covers stragegies and the realities of different online investment methods.

HYIP 101 addresses and covers all of the knowledge someone would need in order to begin investing in the high yield investment program arena.

This resourceful guide offers an easy to follow glossary of terms, case studies, golden rules of the game and top tips from Peter and Paul, experts in this field.

To summarize, HYIP 101 is a comprehensive ebook for anyone planning to make money online through the investment game.

This company also offers one year access to their members site, the Investors Cheat Sheet, an Admin guide and an exclusive newsletter containing all of the latest HYIP news.

As a member, you also have access to other premium products they offer. Premium membership to HYIP Junction.com, Surefire Wealth, Hot Market Videos plus other books, guides and resource materials for the serious investor.

Another tip that is usually given to people who are interested in High Yield Investments is that they need to allocate their assets in different places, so this should be just one of them. If you are shortly getting into this field, you may be a little bit timid about spreading yourself too thin, but it makes sense. Many of these opportunities are fairly short term, and is usually a good idea to have something waiting in the wings in case one or more opportunities go bust in a short period of time. Just be careful and make an informed decision either way.

As a business opportunity, this company offers an affiliate program. This affiliate program is exclusively for anyone who has first purchased the company's ebook. Affiliates earn 50% commission on every sale and are provided with resource material to begin earning quickly.
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