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Using A Recruitment Agency; The Fastrack To Employment?

Feb 10, 2008
When unemployed it is hard to keep motivated and dedicate enough time to the process of job hunting. Unfortunately the temptation is too strong to pick up the computer game controller and spend days on end trying to complete your favourite game. This is where the services provided by a recruitment agency can be vital in tracking down jobs saving you travel and effort.

Utilising a recruitment agency will allow you to sit back and let someone else do the majority of the 'leg work'. At the outset you will have to travel to their main headquarters and go through a registration process; this is required to add your details and more importantly give the recruitment agency an idea of what types of jobs you want. They may even at this stage give you a list of interviews that are within a reasonable distance for you to proactively begin your job hunting.

There are many diverse fields that a recruitment agency may specialise in; industries such as catering, financial and travel all possess dedicated recruitment agencies. A specialised recruitment agency is perfect for those who know exactly which industry they would like to enter as the jobs that they possess on their books are more likely to suit job hunters in that sector.

It is important to remember however not to expect immediate results once you have visited a recruitment agency and added your details to their system. It can take weeks and even months for a recruitment agency to produce jobs, even then you sometimes receive information on jobs that are completely unsuitable. They will at some stage however produce a job that will match your criteria and hopefully get you an interview.

It is worth remembering to badger recruitment agencies as much as possible. Once you are on their books it is easy for them to forget about you and pass you over for various jobs. If you call them daily or even every other day it keeps you fresh in their minds and increases the chances of receiving job information considerably. You may feel like you are making a nuisance of yourself but without an energetic approach is fundamental.

Many modern recruitment agencies are increasingly providing online services to clients. The ability to access job information and receive job updates cannot be underestimated, also accessing the site regularly and keeping up a barrage of emails will increase chances of success.

Just because you have joined a recruitment agency, it does not mean you can sit back and do nothing. It is well worth keeping up your own job hunting as finding a job is all about percentages. The more jobs you apply for, the more interviews you will attend and the greater your chances of success.

It is too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the recruitment agency will find you a job quick smart. It must be remembered that you will not be the only client on the agencies books and for them to focus solely on your job hunt would be poor business sense; they of course, are also playing the percentages game.

The best way to conduct a job hunt is to join as many recruitment agencies as possible, travel around to the various offices and try to spread your 'net' wide. Your 'net' should be the types of jobs that you are going for; again the percentages factor becomes a consideration as the wider your choices, the more jobs that you will be viable for.

As well as signing up for recruitment agencies you should always carry on with your own efforts. Applying for jobs directly, phoning companies and of course writing letters can form a large part of this. So put down the game controller and get proactive about job hunting; your own efforts combined with those of a recruitment agency will have you employed in no time.
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Employment expert Thomas Pretty looks into how utilising a recruitment agency will improve chances of a successful job hunt. To find out more please visit http://www.newfrontiers.co.uk/
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