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New Age MLM Marketing System - The Internet Way

Feb 11, 2008
The old school method of MLM is almost dead... or should I say already dead. In fact, the most effective MLM marketing system should make use of the internet. To summarize, Internet marketing method can be easily applied to the MLM industry as well.

In this article, I shall address several questions to help you understand the New Age MLM marketing system.

What is New Age MLM marketing system?

It is simply applying internet marketing concept to the MLM industry.

Typically, there are three very important components.

1)A lead "capturing" webpage, also called a squeeze page
2)An autoresponder to capture as well as to follow up with your leads
3)A niche market

1)Why do we need a squeeze page?

A squeeze page is important as we need to capture our visitors' information. Think of it as a customer database. You can decide what information you want to capture, for example, full name, email address, physical address, telephone number etc.

For a start, I would suggest that you capture only the first name and email address. Generally, the less information you require, the higher the opt-in rate.

The advantage of capturing your visitors email address is that you will have the opportunity to follow up with them again and again. This is simply not possible in the old school MLM marketing system. If you can't convince your prospects the first time, you will lose them forever.

2)Why do we need an autoresponder

Have you ever sent an email to your friend and receive the following reply, "Sorry, I am out of office, I will try to reply you as soon as possible." Since your friend is not in the office, obviously, he did not send you this message. This message is actually sent by an autoresponder. What your friend did is simply to set up the autoresponder once. Whenever he receives a message when he is out of office, the autoresponder will do all the work for him.

Similarly, you can set an autoresponder to sent out email messages to your prospect at a specific schedule. I recommend you use a professional autoresponder like GetResponse, Monster Response or Aweber.

The advantage of following up with email is that it is done in a non invasive manner. Imagine if you are doing cold calling in the old school method. There is a high probability that your prospect may be busy with something else and is not the mood to talk. If you call at the wrong time, then he may never want to talk to you again.

Another advantage of email follow up is that you have a long period of time to educate your prospects and to inform them about your company. You can take this opportunity to build up your credibility. This will increase your conversion rate.

3)Why niche market?

Your niche market will determine how you are going to drive traffic to your squeeze page. A lot of beginners made a very fatal mistake. They think that as long as you have a website, there will be visitors.

Well, think about it. Is it possible? There are billions of website out there, how can you expect people to find your website if you do not advertise it?

So how do you drive traffic to your squeeze page? One very effective way to use pay per clicks advertisements. Your niche determines the keywords that you will be bidding. For example, if you are selling weight loss pills, then you want to bid for keywords like "how to lose weight easily within one month" rather than "how to train my dog".
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