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The 101 on Forum Marketing

Feb 11, 2008
Forum marketing seems to be one of the topics that individuals seem to be divided on, some say that thousands can be made while others contend it is a complete waste of time. This is something that you will need to experiment with and ultimately decide for yourself. The major bonus is that it does not cost any money out of pocket but it does indeed require time. I do agree that it is not something that needs to consume your whole day or even hours of it. The key is to have a goal when you go in with a set time frame and do not allow yourself to get side tracked from your objective. This approach to marketing is not one where you will get rich over night but the traffic that you do get will build over time and will be for the most part be highly targeted (if you are posting in the right forum for your product).

What forum do you need to go to. There are two things to consider when choosing a forum for your marketing endeavor. The first is to ensure that you are in a forum that relates to the product that you are attempting to sell. Typically forums are dedicated to certain niche topics and logically you do not want to be in a weight loss forum trying to hock eBooks on mortgages. Simply doing a google search for mortgage forums will give you plenty to choose from. The second issue to consider when choosing a forum is their policy on including your necessary links. Many allow you to incorporate your website or blog address in your signature which is more than adequate. If you start plastering it all over the place you will be deemed a spammer which obviously the last thing you want to occur. If you look around there are forums that actually have areas specifically for selling products or services, a little research and investigation will point you quickly in the right direction.

Your signature is important. You want your signature to be attractive and you definitely do not want it to appear that you are there only to make a sale. It is generally a good idea to have a link to your Blog or website and not just an affiliate link, again you do not want to appear to be spamming. You can mention that you have more valuable information at your sight but refrain from trying to make a sale. The best way to see what is acceptable to not only the sight managers but the forum participants is to browse through and see what everyone else is doing, at first it is better error on the side of caution.

Participation is the reason to be there, or it should appear to be so. Again browsing the forum to get a general feel for what is going on and who are the main cast of players is important. You do not want to go right in and start stepping on toes, it is better to blend in for your first few posts. Ask questions and only answer question when you actually know what you are talking about. Your ultimate goal is to build a good reputation and to become known as the go to person. You want to build trust. It is also important that nobody knows everything and when you do not know the answer to a question you should be both big enough and smart enough to admit it. Become knowledgeable in your niche market and on the topic that concerns the products or service you are trying to market. You will be considered a spammer until you build and reputation and relationships with the forum you are posting in. It probably goes without saying that the better your reputation the you can get away marketing. Forums are community so you must be willing to join the conversations.

There are more benefits to participating then just making a sale. As you do forum marketing, you will meet many individuals in you niche market. Meeting these people will open up opportunities for you to arrange joint venture, exchange links, find future affiliates for your own products as well as gain insight into what is working for them.
Forums are also an excellent place to help you stay ahead of the market, you will here about what is coming down the pipe line, because if anyone knows it will be the forum posters. Having large gatherings of people also allows you to do some market research, find out what the majority are looking for and what is displeasing them. If there is a crappy product out there or if someone has had bad dealing with a service product you will definitely hear about it. Generally individuals in forums will speak their minds so you find out exactly what is on their minds.

Forums are some of the busiest sites on the web and some have close to 100, 000 members, which translates into a huge amount of traffic on a daily basis. The biggest mistake marketers make is they are impatient and labeled a spammer and once that happens you have cut your own throat. It just takes some common sense. Become involved and become involved several forums. Take your time and build your reputation because the relationships you build will generate traffic and income over the long haul.
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