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YTB Scam - What To Look For In A Network Marketing Business

Feb 11, 2008
It seems that Network Marketing is used synonymously with Multi-Level Marketing or MLM for short. These may be some things to think about if you are thinking about getting into Network Marketing. You should look for certain things in a Network Marketing business that will keep you from just spinning your wheels in the sand and going nowhere. Most small businesses fail in their first five years and Network Marketing is no exception. However, it can be the best career in the world if you do it right!

There should be little or no start-up cost. Don't get bogged down with big sign-up fees and by all means do not stockpile or frontload product just so you can qualify for a check. If you find a company such as this avoid it like the plague!

Don't fall for the old scam that you can make money without selling. In Network Marketing, you can have people placed under you if you have a very active upline and you are in a forced matrix or power leg binary. This is called spillover, but no one really ever gets rich from that. People who join with that expectation will clearly be disappointed. Don't get involved with a company that only offers a business opportunity and no product. Before you would join such a company, go to the Internet search engines and see if there are any scam warnings or complaints.

The backbone of all business is in sales and distribution. We are most familiar with direct sales. Products are peddled by salespeople who in turn receive commissions which is a percentage of the money that is gained by the sale. This is the traditional sales approach. Salespeople can be paid either on an hourly or salaried basis.

Network Marketing is proving to be a viable tool not only for the companies but for their salespeople or product distributors. You are still selling a product, but you are also actively looking for people who want to do what you are doing to make a living. This is called building a team. This takes sales to a higher level. You not only get paid for your sales but on your distributor's sales as well.

This is why Network Marketing is called Multi-Level Marketing. You can have salespeople on different levels underneath you all doing sales for you and making you money and you do not even have to make any extra effort to do anything. There are different payment plans in MLM that include binary, matrix, unilevel, breakaway and stair-step.

With the unilevel plan, you can have an unlimited number of people under you on your first level. This is where you get your highest commission. Commissions on your second level down are not as high but they really add up due to the shear volume of sales. This is what you call leveraged earnings, and it is a great way to become wealthy!

Network Marketing is wrapped up in the soft sell and the referral. You do not have to try to hard sell anyone in order to be successful. You just used the product or service of the company and recommend it to others. If you are passionate about it, so much the better! Promotional materials are provided by the company such as brochures, sales letters, websites, recruiting calls and the list goes on. These should all be persuasive and provide plenty of testimonials.

The product the company is touting should be unique and manufactured by the company itself. You either want the product to be consumable or the service one that is needed monthly. In this way, you get a recurring purchase each month.

With Network Marketing, you will be building a residual income that keeps coming no matter what you do and no matter if you work or not. This is not like direct marketing when you are just making a one-time sale. You should go with a company that has been in business for at least five years and it should be debt free.

After having done all of your research and you decide to run with this company, then you present the business opportunity and the product to as many people as possible. Of course, they all tell you to start with your warm market first, that is, family, friends, co-workers, etc. You can then buy leads or email lists of people that are interested in learning about a business opportunity.

MLM Genealogy Lists are the ones that you should use for Network Marketing. These are people who have shown an interest in Network Marketing by already having been involved in it. If you want to buy such a list, you can always search on the Internet. These are not expensive lists to buy, and since many of these people know how to build a business, then you would want them on your team! YTB Scam is not a scam at all but a real company promoting real services.
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