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Child Daycare - Do You Really Need To Do A Background Check?

Feb 12, 2008
We live in an age where sending the kids to daycare is more common than the kids staying at home with Mom or Dad. There are definitely benefits to daycare-the kids learn socializing skills at an earlier age, they learn how to deal with a school-like setting (even if it is only for a few hours a week) and the kids learn that it is okay to trust adults who are not members of the family.

It is this trust that makes it incredibly important to make sure that the Child Daycare you send your kids to be able to pass a background check. After all, these are your children's lives you are entrusting to the Child Daycare employees. It is perfectly understandable that you would want to find out everything you could about them. Doing a Child Daycare Background Check is not only a good idea, but a daycare center that frowns on one or gives you a hard time is probably not worth sending your kids to anyway.

Ask your prospective child daycare provider some very basic questions that include:

* What prompts you to work with kids?

* What is your reason for leaving your last job?

* How do you handle child discipline?

* How do you help children develop physically and mentally?

* How do you work with kids to encourage learning?

* How have you helped children discover the concepts of art and music?

* What types of things do you encourage kids to play with indoors and outdoors?

Make sure you not only check out the provide, but the facility itself. At a minimum, ask these questions:

* When parent visit the facility, how do you handle their interaction with their children?

* Is there a safety valve of having another daycare provider is your daycare program closes?

* When is the center closed?

* Who watches the children when they are playing on the playground?

* How old is your playground equipment?

* How often do you have your playground gear inspected? How are the kids arranged to use the equipment?

* Do you work with special needs children? If so, how do you work with them?

* What kind of educational backgrounds do the daycare center teachers have?

There is no shame in performing an extensive criminal history check when checking out a daycare center. It is your children's safety at stake so there should be no limit as to how deep you look to find a possible shady character that will look after your child when you are not there to protect them. As a matter of fact, you should also check the sexual offenders database to verify there are not predators swimming the waters near your prospective daycare facility.

You should also check the driving records of the nanny or babysitter you plan to hire. In the event that you choose to send your kids to a day care center, you can ask to do a check into the teacher your kids will be around the most often. While the DMV records check might not reveal much about the subject's driving habits, it will let you know if your potential child care provider has been pulled over and for what reasons (like drunk driving).

By checking their social security number, you can find out where your daycare candidate has been for the last seven years. It will show you where they worked and where they have lived.

Always get, and check, references provided by your daycare provider. If you can't get in touch with any one of the references, ask for another one. Also, check with other parents that use the daycare center to see how happy they have been with the care that has been provided.

Doing a child daycare background check is something that must be done. There is no such thing as "too safe" when it comes to caring for children. You should ask for any information you think is important. The more extensive you are in your child daycare background check, the better you will feel as you wave goodbye to your kids when you drop them off on your way to work. Child daycare background checks are all a part of the process of being hired for child care. The prospective child caregiver expects it, so ask any questions and request any information you need.
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