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Quickest Way To Write Great Google Ads

Feb 12, 2008
You want to write better ads for your AdWords campaigns, right? You want more people who see your ad to click on it and visit your website. This article is going to show you how to write better ads.

Advertising is selling in print. You want your ads to sell whatever it is that you're promoting on your website.

1.) If you're goal is to generate sales leads by giving away something for free on your website in exchange for your visitor's email address then your ad should clearly promote the benefits of your free offer.

2.) Do you run an ecommerce website selling products online? If you said yes then your ad copy should be specific to the benefits of the product(s) you're selling. Remember your ad copy is your salesperson in print.

Here's the fastest way to find great ad copy ideas for your AdWords campaigns. Get our a sheet of paper and a pen and write down your main goal (generate sales leads or generate sales).

Write down a keyword or key phrase that is important to your product or service.

Next open a web browser and go to Google.com and type in your keyword or key phrase. You'll see a bunch of tiny text based ads on the top and or right hand side of the search results page. This is the first place you should start to get ideas for how other people are promoting their "offer" for the keyword or key phrase you just typed into Google. Write down the ads that seem to be promoting something similar to what you want to promote (if you can find them).

In this step we're going to have Google show us which ads are performing the best. You'll see which ads have good Click Through Ratio's already.

Let's go back to Google again and type in your keyword with what is called a wild card after it. It should look like this (your keyword 7uyr5). "Take out the ( ) when you do your search. This strategy will show you the ads that are already getting a decent CTR in Google. It works because obviously nobody searching with (7uyr5) after your keyword. Google's goal is to show the searcher ads that are most relevant to the keyword that was searched on. Since nobody actually searches with 7uyr5 after your keyword Google will display ads that have historically performed well for your keyword.

After you do this search technique jot down which ads match what you're promoting best. Can you see a common theme? This should give you some ideas for writing your own ad(s). I suggest that don't copy word for word, but just use these ads for ideas for your own ads.

This technique is the fastest way to get good ad copy ideas for writing your own ads. Try several of your keywords with this technique and you should start to get some great ideas for your ad copy.

I hope that this information has proved useful to you. I'm sure that you'll discover some great ad copy ideas for your own campaigns.

Conclusion: You ad copy is your salesperson. Always clearly promote your offer and have a call to action in your ads and you'll be well on your way to writing great Google Ads.
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