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How Do You Find Killer Products To Sell On Ebay

Feb 12, 2008
The first hurdle to overcome when setting up an eBay business is deciding what sort of items to sell first.

Many people have asked me should I be selling PC's or jewelery and are totally confused by the mass of choice of what's best to sell. But fear not as this is a problem every eBay seller has experienced at some stage.

With that in mind how is the new and ever keen eBay business owner expected to come up with an original idea, haven't they all been taken?. I find that the easiest way is to look at what you enjoy doing most you know the sort of things hobbies and interests that sort of thing. After all wouldn't it be much more fun selling stuff and dealing with people who have your interests?

If you think you have come up with a killer idea for a product to sell to your niche you need to find out if the product has sold in the past or is already being sold successfully. I am sure you would agree that any product you sell must of course have sufficient demand before selling it?

I started looking for ideas by talking to family members and my friends and asked them what they had brought recently. A cousin of mine was getting married and was looking for bridal wear when I sat there looking for her I found many people were selling things for brides and I came up with a great selling idea.

If you are a regular visitor to the Amazon or Barnes and Nobel websites you will notice that they have a almost seemingly endless selection of books on a myriad of topics. But also you'll find they have a list of the most popular books in most categories, just drill down through these to find new product ideas to research further.

You might not know but even eBay has ways you can find out which products are selling well at the moment. If you visit the eBay Seller Central section of eBay you can find under 'What's Hot' the most popular items being sold on eBay at the moment. Obviously this is used by many people but a bit of lateral thinking should spark some ideas.

You should always bear in mind that it's highly improbable that you will come across a single product that is selling well enough to build a business from and you should look to diversify your portfolio of products. Seasonal products may sell well but I don't suggest selling Christmas decorations in the middle of summer.

At the moment it probably seems still pretty hard to decide what to sell. But once you do a little homework you'll start seeing opportunities and before you know it you'll be up and running. Just don't forget walk before your start running and you will be fine.
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