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Will Social Drinking Make You Age Faster?

Feb 14, 2008
Having the odd social drink won't do you any harm and even the odd glass of wine can be good for you. But an all to common trend amongst younger people is the drinking of excessive amounts this is a trend known as 'binge drinking' which will do little for maintaining youthfulness long term.

The young may be misguided in their excess drinking as too much alcohol now will lead to problems with various aspects of their health in the future and they also will age faster than those who drink in moderation.

Drinking alcohol has the effect of dehydrating you and those who consume alcohol to excess suffer from their skin drying out as the body tries to find moisture from anywhere to counteract the effects of the alcohol. Over time this leads to the skin losing it's suppleness and it becomes lifeless.

Contrary to common belief especially amongst young women a moisturiser will only replace surface hydration and not rehydrate the skin from within.

As much excessive drinking is usually done in a party atmosphere this may also involve smoking or at very least passive smoking environment which will also have a detrimental effect on the skin aging process.

By making the right or wrong lifestyle choices today you define how you will look in the future. Those who abuse their body will be unhealthy looking and age quicker in the future.

With the ever increasing obesity problem in both young men and women it can be no suprise that there is significant evidence that some of this can be put down to the excessive drink culture of the 21st century.

The attitude with the younger generation is party to today and forget tomorrow but the body is not designed for this abuse long term. It can surely only be a matter of time if this lifestyle is continued that our next generation of young men and women will appear to age very much faster than that of previous generations.

I don't want to suggest people should stop enjoying life as that is essential to stay young. All I do suggest is that before subjecting your body to excess give some thought for the fact you might regret those rash actions some time in the future.

Just don't forget moderation is the key to success in everything.
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