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One Way Link Building Is A Critical SEO Tool

Feb 14, 2008
One of the most basic and effective tools in the SEO toolbox comes in the form of one way link building. Without it, a blog or website is missing out on the cornerstone of essential search engine optimization techniques. Any person looking to make their cyber venture a success and achieve a good page rank will eventually become very familiar with the one way link.

For the amateur, one way link building may sound rather intimidating when in fact it is anything but. Whereas reciprocal links exchange outbound links for inbound links, a one way link is simply a link that goes to one's website or blog with no exchange at all. More than not, these are natural links from people who want to link to great or related content.

While there are many sources of one way links, not all links are the same. It is good, high quality links that make all the difference when it comes to effective search engine optimization. Enhanced search algorithms are now able to determine what links are relevant and which are unrelated or even unethical.

One way links are just the thing to get traffic or visitors to a blog or website. Many times these links share the same interest or theme, or at least a related subject. For instance, if one is selling or discussing different types of computers a link to computer furniture is a reasonable complement.

It used to be that the number of links made a website important in the eyes of the search algorithms. However, to gain rankings these days, a site or blog needs high quality one way links from sites that have a good reputation. Links from sites that have no traffic or sites of unrelated subject matter just won't be counted at all.

It is well known that those engaged in a search for information rarely look past the first three pages of results. When using ethical one way link building, one can boost their page rank, which in turn boosts site traffic as well. On top of this, when a number of individuals see that a site or blog is relevant to their search, they may not only return to it later, they may also link their own site to it as well.

This type of practice means getting a link noticed by the right people in the right audience. Using one way link building in blogs where visitors can leave behind their observations is a great way to generate word of mouth publicity and attention. The same can be said for a site that allows visitors to read and sign a guestbook.

In a spirit of cooperation, it is not uncommon for sites to offer their link in order to create a community that gets noticed. The more often a site's link is clicked on, bookmarked or commented on, the more likely that site or blog will become an important member in its community. This not only promotes growth for all those involved, it is a way to enhance things positively in a very short amount of time.

When one knows that there are millions of sites competing with their own for attention, learning the ins and outs of good solid one way link building becomes vital. The Internet is vast and the only way to let people know a site is available is by getting seen.
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