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Making Money Online - Things You Should Never Do

Feb 14, 2008
As a webmaster, you would certainly like to make some extra money online. It will be even better if you can make your living online! It is true that it is full of opportunities in the internet world and you may probably be able to find a way to make huge amount of money.

Do you know how to choose the programs or schemes in order to make money online? To be frank, there are so many choices and you may be quite confusing if you are new to this world! For example, you may have read tons of sales letters saying that you can become rich with affiliate programs. On the other hand, there are also people who claim that they can get a 5 figure profit with Google Adsense!

Although it is full of opportunities in the internet world, there are some programs you should never join. In most cases it is because you can hardly make money with these programs or scheme. Some of them may even be scams! Involving in these schemes will just be wasting your time. No one will be so silly to put their effort on something which cannot provide him/her the chance of making real money.

So what are the programs you should never be involved in? There are a few of them and you should always stay away from time. And it is wise to invest your time and put your effort on something more meaningful. You want to make money but not fooling around online! Remember, joining these programs are not investing but wasting your time. The followings are the schemes you should never join.

The first one is online surveys. There are a lot of websites which can give you chance to make money by doing online surveys. However, the payout per survey is usually very low and it is just a waste of time to complete the surveys since it is not worth spending the time on such a small amount of money.

Your mailbox may also be full of emails about lotto. There may even be emails inviting you to claim the prizes! However, do your think you are a really lucky person. If not, you should be stay away from these online lotto games. You should spend your time on working and make real money online instead of playing these games.

There are also a lot of online contests and instant games. All these contests claim that you can win some money out of it. However, you should avoid taking part in these contests because you will be unable to making money out of it. You should always remind yourself that you are trying to build up your online business but not trying to win prizes in these contests.

Online casinos may do you no good. You should bear in mind that you are trying to make money online but not win prizes online. Even a ten year old boy will know that gambling is not a business! If you want to make money online, you should work and build up your business. Gambling should never be your choice. Of course you may still be involved in it if you are only trying to kill your time online!
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