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Quick Facts On Where And How To Buy Impounded Cars

Feb 14, 2008
Not widely known, the fact that you can buy impounded cars at the cheapest price possible is the key to owning a nice car on a tight budget. What to know more details? Find out now!

The car's ex-owner

The first thing that might come to your mind is from whom the vehicles were impounded. Who was driving them before? Why have they been confiscated from their owners?

It is more about your imagination, though. Impounded vehicles mainly come from normal people, who could not pay off a loan or were caught driving with a suspended license. Autos owned by mafia dons are far less common.

Where to Buy Impounded Cars?

Auctions that are organized by government agencies, banks and the police (sometimes via an auction company) are where impounded vehicles are sold. Look for advertisements in local newspapers and on Internet sites, or contact your police department and ask if they can give you information on the next impounded auto auction.

The Advantages

An opportunity to buy impounded cars at great prices, not found anywhere else, is the main attraction. The starting bid is always very low and, unless there is an intense competition between the bidders, you can get a car as cheap as a few hundred dollars. The party, who impounded the vehicle, will be happy to get rid of it.

You are allowed a vehicle inspection, and can expect many of them to be in a perfect running condition. History reports are provided for each auctioned car, and there is simply no reason for anybody to cheat you on this.

The Disadvantages

When you buy an impounded car, you accept it "as is" and cannot claim your money back on any ground. If you failed to see the defects during the preliminary inspection, there is nobody to blame. The biggest turn-off is that normally test drive is not allowed.

The Auction Requirements

Most impounded car auctions deny bids of unregistered users. To register and take part in the bidding competition you have to be over 18, have a valid driving license and pay a fee. Prepare to pay the same day should you win the bid.

A Word of Advice

It is not easy to follow the pace of the auction if you are new to it. Give yourself time and attend a few just like that. Familiarize yourself with the second-hand auto market and its prices. Bring a professional mechanic along for the preliminary car check - this way you have more chances to buy an impounded car of good quality.
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