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5 Mistakes That Drive Your Prospects Away From Your Website

Aug 17, 2007
Some websites are very informative, interesting and they make you feel good. They are easy to navigate and you also get very useful information on them. Conversely, there are some websites which are very repulsive, boring or confusing. Some of these websites may have so many graphics or some have a very unappealing layout. These websites are not good for a business. Is your website driving your visitors away?

Your website makes or breaks your online business. A good and professionally designed website will bring you a lot of customers and sales and make your online business.

What common mistakes drive visitors away from a website?

1. Confusing websites.

These are the websites which, when you visit them, you just can not tell what is on offer. The layout is not efficient, and you can not easily navigate the site. For some websites, the website name, URL and blog names do not reflect the website's focus. These websites can also have a lot of products and services on offer that are not focused. Make sure that your website, as well as services and products you offer are as focused as possible. If you want to offer a range of products in your online business and want to sell them from one website; make sure that they are related and be creative in the way you present them on your website.

2. A 'mirror image' template that is similar to other websites.

There are a lot of these 'website in a box' offers; although they make things easy for you since you get a ready-to-go website for your online business - they are not good for your business in the long term. Online customers do not want to see exactly the same website layout over and over. It is highly recommended that you hire someone to tweak and adjust your template to personalize it and make it your own. Personalize your online business' website and be different!

3. Too many, and hard to load graphics.

For many people websites with graphics that sing and dance are just annoying and unprofessional. These graphics do not add much to your website in terms of search engine rankings or user-friendliness, and are not therefore useful for your online business. What you need most on your website is unique, relevant and high quality content. A sleek layout that makes it clear and easy how to navigate the website is essential for your online business.

4. Ineffective use of keywords and phrases.

This is essential for your visibility on search engines. Make sure that your website is well optimized.

5. A website that lacks any 'benefits' to prospects.

The internet is supposed to be full of useful and helpful information. Although you are selling your online business' services or products mainly, your website must also offer the reader high quality unique information. Also, if you offer an e-zine or e-course on your website, it must also offer some useful information. It is also recommended that you get creative and offer many other 'stuff' that relates to your website. The idea is to make visitors want to bookmark your website and want to come back again. This is very important for your online business.

Your website is very important for your success online. Make sure that all the links are functional. Your website must be informative and easy to navigate. You must also offer various ways for payment processing for your customers. It pays to hire someone to design or adjust your website for you.

If you want to succeed online, avoid these common website mistakes.
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