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Job Stress And Where To Find Job Stress Relief ?

Feb 15, 2008
We will almost as sure as night follows day at some stage experience work related stress or as it is more commonly known as job stress. Sadly it so common today that your chances of experiencing such job stress are almost 100%. Even those who are happy in their work and passionate about their chosen field of work will have some experience of job stress at some stage. Job stress on the whole is preventable or can easiliy be overcome with a few changes in life style or working environment.

One of the most common causes of work stress or job stress if you prefer are the pressures our employers put on us as workers. All to frequently employers pile on far to much responsibility and accountability on their work force expecting too much in to short a time with little or no training.

Those workers keen to keep their jobs do everything within their power to achieve in line with expectations in fear of being part of the next round of downsizing, or just to avoid appearing lazy and lax at work. This constant need to impress the boss puts workers under tremendous pressure which can very easily lead to job stress.

Another category of work stress is that caused by stressful working practices. This might include over supervision of workers carrying out more menial tasks or failing to give those credit who are more capable and able to work with minimal supervision.Other contributors to job stress are discouraging work practices such as the lack of a clear job description, no recognition or reward for a good performance and the absence of opportunities to use personal talents all of which add a lot to stress.

Workers remain unsatisfied and demotivated when they feel their views are being ignored. This apparent lack of interest from management leads to ever increasing levels of stress for the workforce.

Job stress can also be caused by work place bullying which is increasingly common as workers become disatisfied. Staff may bully staff who are junior or who don't fit in or just out of spite or for fun. This includes such actions as sexual harrasement,threatening or just teasing on grounds or race or religion. Some insensitive employees may even spread malicious gossip in order to destroy status or position.

Power starved managers or bosses may upset, be-little or harass staff to enforce their position. Men and women may find themselves subject to sexual innuendo, sexual discrimination,taunting and embarrasement.

These sort of things can lead to immense stress for employees who are simultaneously trying to protect themselves and just get on with their jobs. Aside from this leading to obvious stress, harassment and bullying can cause the unfortunate victim to lose their self confidence, their self esteem and self belief.

Lastly, although now not as common as a a few years ago the place which employees are required to operate in can be another cause of job stress.A dirty, crowded, unsafe working environment can often lead to stress and in extreme cases result in serious depression. On the other hand a well designed, safe and clean working environment can lead to a happier more productive work force.

When the environment workers operate in is filled with dust or chemical fumes this can increase stress and make working almost impossible. Such situations should be avoided as they are seriously detrimental to health for a number of obvious reasons.
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