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Green Janitorial Hoax

Feb 15, 2008
The focus for "Going Green" is almost all about products, and the product providers has been more than anxious to celebrate the new opportunities to capture this new market. The feeding frenzy will continue for a while yet, but what happens when nearly every janitorial firm has added some Green products to their carts? The equalization factor kicks in, and nearly every janitorial firm will claim to be Green by self-acclamation, but has anything really changed?

Going Green is not found in a bottle of reformulated cleanser, but in the practices of the janitorial workforce that are frankly the last and lagging piece of this puzzle. Can you buy a great set of tools and immediately become a great mechanic? Can you buy a set of golf clubs and enter the Masters Tournament? Can a lady buy a size two dress and fit her size ten body into it? What this illustrates is that buying an item does not make you something that you are not.

Going Green means you have a basic working knowledge of Green Practices as well as a new set of products on the cart. The workers are equally as important as the products being used. For example, does the working staff really understand that a microfiber can be used without chemicals? Do they use the "Spray and Wipe" routine instead of allowing for "Dwell Time" for the new product? Do they understand how to remove dust rather than just moving it?

There are hundreds of issues in HOW the Green janitorial firm is to perform their janitorial tasks that are as important as WHAT Green product happens to suddenly appear in the weekly supplies passed around. Going Green seems to be passed to the workers by osmosis and undefined training protocol. This, quite frankly, means that most Green janitorial services are well-intended frauds to the customers that they serve. Their Green status is little more than a false veneer that has little depth in the character of the people charged with carrying out the Green mandates being passed down to these ill-equipped workers.

The Green Clean Institute is the only program designed to train and certify a janitorial service in Green practices and the assist a janitorial service implement a Green program. This is a federal trademark that offers more than good intentions. The janitorial industry is in transition from a "task-oriented" service to a "service-oriented" program that requires a solid basis of working knowledge. This is the time to step up to a higher set of standards, new mandates, and duties that impact the safety, health, and future of all those working in our schools and offices.

The word custodian has a rather profound meaning. If infers that these group of workers have duty to the health and welfare of the community they serve. We have discovered that we can no longer pollute the world at large, and we cannot pollute the workplace through the caustic chemicals and sprays commonly brought by those who clean the buildings. This is why clinging to the old practices while using a Green product or two is a fool's errand and a hoax that needs to change.

I advise you not to simply stick you toe into the Green Clean program. It is he smart choice to realize that a Green program is a long term commitment to a new process. We are not talking about saving the whales, trading your car for a bicycle, or turning vegetarian. It is obvious that the Green movement is a permanent direction that places more emphasis on the health of the workers than the shine of the floor. Understand that a Green program has three important parts: Green Agenda by decision makers, Green Products, and Green Practices by the workforce. Isn't it time to truly "Go Green" rather than fake it?
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