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Google Has Put Adsense To Death

Feb 15, 2008
Why would anyone say that Google Adsense is dead? It's not, but it took a wrong turn down a dirt road the other day when they announced that they would stop showing Google Adsense Ads on millions of websites.

This would have to be one of the greatest mistakes in modern internet advertising. AGoogel bviously believes that they are a cut above and no one can touch them. They haven't watched enoug TV then. People are finicky about who they adverise with and finding they cannot get paid for their webspace, site owners will bolt from Google in droves.

Webmasters are being dropped from Google for having sites which carry non-unique content. Google is not going to each website listed in their inventory and checking to see which sites meet their standards and then deciding who to keep or drop.

The Google Spider is doing all the work for them. Pagerank and other trafic analysis has been conducted to determine who stays and who goes. Effectively taking away this means of profit to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Google Adsense is now basically dead for most small site publishers. MAny webmasters will notice they are now not receiving ads from Google on all of their site pages. Now you will understand why.

Don't worry. Other networks are already looking to take Google's place in the market. Most of these networks, like Yahoo Network Ads, Adbrite, and Microsoft Adcenter will be laughing their way to the bank at Google Adsense's expense. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top.
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