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Feb 15, 2008
Making your fortune online is not as easy as many thousands of internet marketers will have you believe something important that they will all tell you is get your name out there via free articles. Many directories promise and do not always deliver the required customers or promised exposure.

Article directories provide valuable one way links that will help you increase your online visitors and traffic, the more traffic you get the more sales you get, this is sometime a forgotten fact

How do you choose from the thousands of directories to submit to and not just jump on some of those free article submission programs that in reality don't work. Choosing the right article directory is easy first thing to look for is page rank, anything over one show the directory has just the right amount of back links to provide the necessary importance to your article.

Another important thing to look for is a quick authorization, if you can get this sometime it is worth paying extra to get yourself live online and getting those great back link. Links that can't be bought.

Article marketing is not just an art but a necessary evil in today's world unless you want to spend thousands on ad words , you need to find another way to turn you hard earned time into money. You have to start small and work your way up the ranks of online marketing get your name out there as an expert get your article read and get you sales links clicked.

The beauty of quality directories is people don't just go there for articles they go there for information and to inquire into subjects, things they want to know about or even things they need to know about. Lets look at the absolute necessity for a great directory.

1. Need a page rank over 1 (you know the Google page rank checker)
2. Need Quick Validation (needs to be O.K. fast not sit in que for months)
3. Need Quality Articles (none of that PLR stuff genuine quality articles)
4. Need regular updates (not a static boring site. )
5. Need dedicated and skilled teams (no some back yard outfit dedicated team)
6. have the right publishing rules (proper rules that require your information posted when article is used.)

Once you have found your directory make good use of it by making regular and quality article post this will slowly but surely build your popularity to such a point your site goes from being a site where you have to drive people to becoming a destination site a site people have to go to for information, you can do all this with original and well written articles. There are a growing group of quality directories that will do every thing you need to succeed remember check the page rank as an easy starting point because what internet marketer does not have a google page rank tool. You can inquire about this article at www.inquireinto.com not to mention many thousands of other great information snippets.
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Rick Dupont article The Right Article Directory was written to help people understand the benefits of using quality directories Rick writes for http://www.inquireinto.com a site dedicated to answering questions.
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