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Keys To Converting More Sales

Feb 15, 2008
The reason you went in business in the first place was to make a profit. Regardless of the amount of success or lack there off, there is a time-tested strategy that's bound to increase your business. Now that I've got your attention let me explain.

Most businesses view their prospects as walking dollar bills. If you attract enough customers you'll soon own the business you've always dreamed off. A life of filled with vacations to exotic lands, luxury cars, and 5,000 square foot estates. So every prospect is seen as the ticket to the life you've always dreamed off.

What's wrong with this approach? Every business needs to focus on the customer, right? Yes. This is true. However, a fundamental shift in your thought process needs to occur to drastically increase your business.

There one aspect of humanity that is common to all. It crosses all cultural backgrounds. That is, people are taught from the youngest of age, that you must not take with out giving back. Allow me to illustrate my point.

A study was conducted at Brigham Young University. A professor randomly mailed Christmas cards to perfect strangers. He simply got their information out of the phone book from different cities. He received a flood of cards from people he had never known! The people who received the cards from a complete stranger felt obligated to give back. There is a principle here that you can use to grow your business.

If you want to attract more customers who will do business with you then you must ask the question...Who can I genuinely help? What can I do to benefit some one else? If you are effective at giving people what they need then they will feel obligated to do business with you. If you really make this shift then all the things you are hoping for i.e. the vacations, cars, and homes will begin to draw closer to you.

So please don't make the mistake of trying to get something from your prospective customers before you give to them. For example, if you are in the mortgage industry why not create a free report detailing the 5 biggest mistakes to avoid while getting a mortgage. If it is well written and honest people will value the content. They will automatically hold you in higher regard and will be more likely to seek you out. This refreshing approach will serve to differentiate you from your competition. They'll be wondering why customers rave about you and your products or services.

You're so close to accomplishing all of your goals. Incorporating this principle will put you that much closer to getting there.
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