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Print Postage Online And Save On Dymo 30915 Blank Labels

Feb 16, 2008
With the advent of the Dymo Label Printers being able to print postage online, you can now enjoy never having to stand in line again at the local Post Office. Endicia has made it ever so simple to buy postage online and print your own stamps from your desk.

One would think that to print postage online, all you would need is a computer, an internet connection, a Dymo printer, and a subscription to purchase postage from the Endicia website. Actually, that is in fact all you need - but there is one small detail that isn't explained in the literature that comes with your printer nor on the Endicia website.

Ever been stuck in line at the Post Office during the month of December? Even if you just need to purchase a book of stamps because the machine is empty, it can take an eternity. So, purchase a Dymo Printer, an Endicia postage account and your up and running in no time. You never again have to stand in that line and you will grin ear to ear every time you drive by the Post Office.

You will smugly enjoy your new found online postage printing prowess until the day comes you need to order more blank stamps. You will be forced to go to the Dymo or Endicia links only to find out that they want the outrageous price of $20.49 for 200 labels. That's over $.10 per stamp. Did you imagine when you purchased this little printer you were going to be paying an additional 25% for the luxury of printing from your desk??? I found this unconscionable. How could anyone justify ten cents for a single blank sticky label.

So dig around on the web I did. I looked everywhere. There were absolutely zero options for blank media. I tried a few different kind of labels to no avail. They had to be this specific design, size, shape and color. Your only option is to give up a $20 bill every time you need some stamps - on top of what you're paying for the postage.

I bought my second roll. For some reason it annoyed me even further. I just couldn't justify paying what is now actually $.51 per stamp just because I decided to walk down this technological path with Dymo. So, I rebelled. I researched the technical standards required to create these labels and decided that as my business grew and I consumed ever increasing quantities of these stamps, I could get a rapid return on my investment to purchase the dye and contract with a company that has the machinery already in place to manufacture these stamps for me.

After investing in the dye and manufacturing process to meet my own ends, I decided to share my savings with the rest of the world who I'm sure was having the same frustration as myself. With manufacturing costs, packaging, and offering free shipping, I can still sell these for less than 1/3 the cost that I had been paying.

We manufacture our stamps in rolls of 300 stamps per roll. If you do the math, that means we sell 33% more stamps for 50% less than our competition!!!!

It's truly the American Way. More product, less money, the consumer is the ultimate winner. If you want to print postage online, there are now options to save you huge amounts of money and give you an alternative.
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Before you print postage online, make sure and check www.iPrintPostage.com and save over 50%. We sell Dymo Endicia 30915 compatible labels at a fraction of the cost. If you print postage online we can save you 75% on what you are currently paying.
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