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What Should You Do After A Job Interview...

Feb 16, 2008
Make sure after you interview for a job that you follow up with that person a couple days after. Do not just wait for the company to call you back.

Consider two men applying for a prime position at a company. After the interview, the first applicant just sits around waiting to hear from his prospective employer.

The second individual makes a follow up call two or three days later to see how his application is going. The first gentleman does not make a follow up call and still waits at his home. Who do you think will get the job?

Keep in mind the first applicant was more qualified for the job, but he did not get it.

Your chances of landing a job are much worse if you do not follow up. In any business the best thing to do is always follow up with everyone. It gets your name out there.

Here are some tips.

* Send a thank you note after a couple days. They will keep it on file and could call you down the road.

* Leave all your contact information with them to include your email address and home address.

* Some companies do take a look at your character references so alert the people on your list that they might receive a call from your prospective employers.

* Above all be positive and smile.
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