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The Pros And Cons Of Making Various Changes In Your Restaurant

Feb 17, 2008
Menu changes can have quite an affect on your restaurant business so you need to be very wise about them. Don't think that you can cut corners on quality and customers won't notice. If you are changing the type of French fries you serve or the salads you make, it better be an improvement. If you are simply trying to cut back on the cost of the items you use it can result in you losing customers.

However, you can aim for the opposite effect to happen as well. You can easily offer some upgrades to your products and customers will notice. They will likely comment on it too. It is worth it to always offer quality ingredients for all the foods you serve at your restaurant. You don't want to risk losing the customers you have gotten to come in.

If you go about it in that manner, these types of changes are going to help you have a more successful business. People that have been dining with you for years will really appreciate the continued efforts to make their experience even better. Those that are coming in to your restaurant for the first time will be impressed enough to be sure to come back again.

It is a good idea to evaluate your menu on a regular basis. Are you offering items that aren't good sellers? Maybe you should consider replacing them with a new recipe or a common food item you aren't offering right now. You will need to do some thorough investigating. For example you may offer something new as a special one day. If it does well you can consider adding it to your menu down the road.

From time to time you may find you need to evaluate your prices at the restaurant. Price changes are sometimes dropped but in most cases they increase. This is due to the increase in the cost of supplies. This has to be passed on some way to the consumer if the restaurant is still going to be making money like before.

Carefully consider what items you want to increase the prices on and how much. Don't be greedy and just make price changes to increase your profits. You also want to try to do a very moderate price increase across the board if possible. If the jumps in prices are just too unreasonable you may lose customers that have been dining with you for a length of time.

Should you choose to change the prices of your menu items, make sure you get new menus prepared. It looks unprofessional when the old price is marked out and the new one written in. Also, each time the customer sees that menu they will remember they are paying more for the food than they were before.

Changing items that are prepared in a restaurant, changing what is offered on the menu, and even changing the prices on that menu are a normal part of doing business. It is important though for you to really investigate if those changes are necessary. You also need to be prepared for how they will affect your business. Hopefully they will result in a positive outcome for you.
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