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Is Any Paid Site Survey A Scam?

Feb 17, 2008
To earn from Paid Survey Take Programs is an interesting way to make money with very little work. Paid Site Survey companies need a consumer to give opinion through Fill Get Paid Survey because consumers' opinion is very important to consumer goods manufacturers and branding companies.

A Fill Get Paid Survey company handles all the surveys from the consumers. There are many websites that are legit and pay their members 100% every single month. As people attracted to these get rich quick online opportunities, scammers and spammers take advantage of this common desire which makes people doubt even a legit Paid Site Survey website. The good news is there are different ways to find out which Paid Survey Takes are legit and which ones are scam survey sites.

Try the following steps before joining a Fill Get Paid Survey company:

1. Create a list of several Paid Survey Take sites and review them one carefully. Avoid the Paid Site Survey company if it has either too many different advertisements or has too many misspelled words or grammatical errors. This is because most of the scamming companies create websites with monetary intentions and have unprofessional look.

2. Investigate the site very carefully if there is a huge incentive for members to bring a new member, or a professional looking website has too many free offers, with a payout system when you hit a minimum sum.

3. Search for internet forums for your short-listed websites.

4. Do your research and find out answers to your questions from the online forums. Try to learn about the company and read about others' experiences with that particular company.

5. Also try to find out the time period of payments and mode of payments. Some companies pay the members after two or three months after taking surveys, and payments from the companies are not always cash. Many companies may give gift vouchers, meal coupons etc.

6. If a company is asking for some fee to join or a monthly subscription, look for money back guarantee. Also if it is free to join , look for the clause that your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party without your prior permission.

7. Read online expert reviews of the survey company.

8. As there are lots of survey companies that you may use, make a list of all these companies and also bookmark them.

Once you are satisfied with your research, take the following steps:

9. Initially sign up with only two or three companies.

10. Use different usernames and passwords for each companies. Keep these details in a word document, email yourself and also note on paper.

11. As the surveys companies try to offer the surveys that fit your profile, create your profile honestly and carefully.

12. Create a new free email account with Yahoo, Hotmail or Google and, if possible, turn off spam filters.

13. In the beginning, try to complete most surveys that are offered to you in time. This will help you build your reputation with the company.

14. Check your emails every few hours regularly to ensure you don't miss out on the timeline of a Paid Survey Take.

Once you have happy with a Fill Get Paid Survey company, stick with it, and repeat the above steps to find some other legit Paid Site Survey program.
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