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Submitting Your Article To Article Directories: How To Select The Right Keywords

Feb 18, 2008
It is not uncommon to hear the phrase "Content is King." It is also not uncommon for internet marketers to tell you that, if you want to market your site well you need to write articles and to submit those articles to article directories.

The reasons for this are simple. By submitting articles to article directories, publishers of newsletters, ezines and blogs can use those articles on their websites. When your articles are used, you receive the credit for the writing and your resource box will direct readers of the articles back to your website.

Sounds easy, doesn't it?

The truth of the matter is that submitting your articles to article directories will only benefit you if you make an effort to select the right keywords for your articles. If your article is written around a popular keyword that has nothing to do with the products or services that you offer, or if the keyword or keywords that are used have nothing to do with the text of your article, the article that you write will not be effective.

It is absolutely imperative that you choose the right keywords when you submit your article to article directories. Here are some points to consider when selecting the right keywords for your articles:

* Even though you want to use keywords that are relevant terms for search engines, you want to be sure that the keywords that you include in your text will not cause problems for your readers. The right keywords for articles that you write and submit to article directories will not only be relevant to the search engines but will also be relevant to your readers;

* Think about more than just your primary keyword; it can be beneficial to use more than one keyword or key phrase in articles that you write for submission to an article directory. For example, if your product or service fixes a problem, you will want to use a keyword focused on the solution and a keyword focused on the problem;

* Remember when you select your keywords that multiple word key phrases will make your article stand out more than a single keyword. As an example, if your site were to be focused on travel by boat, using the keyword "travel" would not necessarily bring you the specific traffic that you were looking for; and

* What, specifically, do you want to accomplish with the article that you are writing and submitting? Again, using the example of boat travel, what products or services does your company offer? What do you hope that readers will do after reading your article? If your goal is for the readers of the article to book boat travel from your site, be sure to include "booking," "boat travel" or "travel by boat," and possibly "booking boat travel" as your keywords.

When you select the right keywords for your article - even before you begin the writing process - you will be able to write an article with a specific end in mind. As a result, after you have submitted that article to an article directory, those publishers that are looking for content will have an easier time finding it.

When a publisher is looking for content in an article directory, he or she is looking for articles that his or her readers will want to read. By offering readers relevant content, that publisher establishes his or her reputation. Using appropriate keywords in the articles that you submit to an article directory, you will find that more publishers choose your content.

Therefore, as a result of selecting the right keywords for your article, you will get the increased publicity and name recognition that you are looking for, as well as promotion for your website.
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