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Be Persistent In Your Virtual Assistant Marketing

Feb 18, 2008
The idea behind this article is to give you as many marketing ideas as possible whilst also keeping you clear of scams and other forms of bad marketing.

There is a simple and easy method of marketing that most marketers forget to tell you about.

As it is based on repetitive work it is called the Persistence Factor

This type of marketing is easy as you only do it for half to an hour once each day for a week. Each day you do something different. Below are some examples:

* On Monday you contact by mail or phone two clients you've not contacted for a while asking how they are and how their consultancy/business is doing. Don't get any heavier than that into the conversation just be pleasant and enquiring

* On Tuesday send that interesting article you cut out of a magazine to any relevant clients with a note that you hope that it is useful

* On Wednesday go to a networking meeting and hand out your card. Don't be brash but listen to what is being said and when you get a moment make notes on the back of their business card where you met them and how you might be able to help them

* On Thursday, phone, say, three clients and make sure that the work is going well or the work you did for them was satisfactory - if they say it was, ask for a testimonial. If you need more work, don't forget to ask for it

* Friday is the day you write this all up in your diary. Keep a note of any work that results from your marketing and plan your marketing for the following week.

What you have done there is - apart from the networking meeting - contacted current or prospective clients in a matter of say an hour a day. You have made them remember you and you have 'stirred the pot'.

Now comes the real trick - you need to do this on a weekly basis.

Just think of the affect this will have if you do it week in and week out. Vary the marketing ploys you use, write articles and submit them, go to that Chamber of Commerce lunch you were always going to go to. The more you do the more likelihood there is of work coming your way. The idea is you do this 48 weeks a year even if you are busy. Make it a habit.

The Icing on the Cake

There are many forums on the Internet. Not just for Virtual Assistants but also for the types of client you have. You can learn about your clients work by joining their forums and getting good background knowledge of their skills.

Become active on world-wide forums and not just those in your country. I am working with another person who I think lives in Canada - what does it matter where as long as you can work together. I am also working with another colleague in France. Two of these are slightly outside the scope of work I would normally do but that is what makes it so exciting. Oh, I live in France - high in wooded hills. You can do this marketing and work from anywhere.

So back to stage one. Get out that diary or Outlook and write down your marketing task for every day next week. Make sure it is something you are going to enjoy. If you don't like cold calling - don't do it. I hate it.

Many famous people have been people of habit. They have set a time each day to work. They have followed this routine regardless and have produced items we now regard as important. Without a routine and the mindset to keep to that routine you will spend more time and achieve less.

If success and a good career as a VA is what you are looking for then be organised in your marketing and you will be surprised how easy virtual assistant marketing really is.
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