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Get Paid For Surveys - Six Secrets For Making Serious Money With Paid Online Surveys

Feb 18, 2008
You can get paid for surveys online and make good money at it. Here are 6 secrets of how to do exactly that. Follow them and you will have an excellent chance to make real money. Ignore them and you may get taken advantage of, get talked into using a free list of time-wasting survey makers, and come away with a bad experience... ;-)

Paid online surveys are big business on the Internet. Every month millions of dollars are paid out to survey participants. Some get paid for surveys and do well, make good money. Others barely survive and never seem to make any real money. The difference is in A. Understanding the business and B. Going about it in the right way.

All surveys are NOT equal. Only about 19-25% of the surveys offered on the Net are legitimate paid online surveys that pay well, on time and pay in cash or equivalent. Perhaps another 40% or so are marginal but still worthwhile. You will still get paid for surveys and make money; you just won't get paid as much.

When you do it correctly you will make about half your money from the first group and the other half from the second.

The remaining 40% or so of surveys are low-pay/no-pay types that will just waste your time. There is no way that you will really get paid for surveys with this type. You will want to avoid these completely.

So the 1st secret of making money with paid surveys is to get a good list of survey makers to sign up with. A good list will have mostly the first two categories and very little of the time-wasters group.

Where do you get a good list? Start by understanding that there is no such thing as a "free list". Every list is paid for, some by the survey participants and the rest by the survey makers. Those you don't pay for are being paid for by lower quality survey makers to recruit you for their non-paying surveys.

The distributors of "free lists" live off of commissions they get for recruiting people for survey makers with high participant turnover. Their turnover is high because the surveys either don't pay or don't pay enough to be worthwhile. Or the "survey maker" is really a sales company that only wants to sell stuff to you.

The 2nd secret is that you are not likely to get paid for surveys or make any money from a list of survey makers that you did not pay for.

Your best chance to get a good list is from a paid survey membership site that maintains such lists for its paying clients. Pay your membership fee, get your copy of their list, get your membership fee money back with the first 2-3 surveys.

The 3rd secret is that these paid survey sites range from good to not-so-good to bad to terrible. You will want to pick a good one.

The 4th secret is how to do go about doing that. In a nutshell, ONLY deal with sites that offer STRONG money-back guarantees. There are 70+ that will qualify. Then from inside this group with strong guarantees, you carefully examine their refund rates and choose one with a low refund rate.

Refund rates tell you what their membership thinks of them. Low refund rates mean high client satisfaction, clients who get paid for surveys and make good money. High refund rates mean low client satisfaction: many clients in line demanding their money back.

The 5th secret is that once you pick your paid survey membership site and get your copy of their list, sign up with ALL of the survey makers on that list. You won't qualify for all of the surveys they make. To get a lot of surveys to take you need to have your info on file with a lot of survey makers.

The 6th secret is to prepare to sort out the bad survey makers on your list (all lists have some). Open a free e-mail account only for your paid survey business. Use that address in all your sign-ups. Sort the survey makers with a heavy hand. Delete, unsubscribe and blacklist those that bombard you with sales offers.

Do all of the above in the right way and you will have positioned yourself very well to get paid for surveys and succeed.

You will be among the happy clients of a good paid survey site, with your setup for sorting "time-waster" survey makers in place and working and with your applications on file with all the good survey makers available.

And you can't lose money; you have a strong guarantee. The only way you will not make money is to not check your in-box twice a day, not take the surveys offered to you or don't respond promptly.

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