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Feb 18, 2008
A new and exciting way of getting exposure is with some of the great million pixel sites that are popping up over the internet. You know the sites that we have all heard about that were originally started in England by a UNI student wanting to pay of his house and university bills.

At the time it got plenty of promotion and people found that their ads were getting great exposure for very little money. Major news organizations plastered the sites address all over the internet at that time that fellow was selling adds for $1 an add and made his money in no time, so clearly that worked for his site and his advertisers. So this fellow had a great opportunity to be the first, but because of his efforts there is now a another legitimate media outlet.

Now that the hype about pixel advertising is over lets get down to the nitty gritty of it all pixel advertising is now coming to the fore as a great new way to advertise and now it is up to potential advertisers to look around and find the right site for them.

There are plenty of niche Pixel advertising sites out there but you may initially want to jump on a site that offers a broad range of advertisers and is listed on all the major search engines. With this type of exposure you are certain to get your dollars worth of advertising.


Another important thing to look at for your pixel advertising is the cost per pixel many of the sites charge up to $1 per pixel although I have seen some with page rank 4 charging anywhere up to $ 5 per pixel and with them setting minimum 10 x 10 pixels this could cost many hundreds of dollars.

Another important point is what sort of connection the pixel site allows for your link and is it search engine friendly because you do not want to advertise and then find that you are just paying money for a hidden link. Also all good pixel advertising sites need to have a blog and an RSS feed to help get your site info index after all that's what you are paying for. With a blog section and a RSS section the site will provide you a greater and more balanced exposure for your newly added pixel ad.

The price range you should be looking at is from .10 cents per pixel that way a link or the minimum 10 x 10 pixel will cost you just $10 dollars which is good value in any body's language. And not being a website that requires lots of reciprocal links they are good value links.

The real truth is in todays internet war you have to spend money to make money no matter what you do, if you want free advertising that's what free advertising is worth, while you can pay for the old google ad links and many do, don't get me wrong this is a perfect way to advertise but please consider alternatives such as Pixel Advertising and new and growing way of advertising.
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Rick operates a Pixel Advertising business at Easy Pixel ad and also advises struggling website owners on successfully promoting and diversifying their internet strategy http://www.easypixelad.com
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