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Exchange Hosting - The Need For Access

Feb 19, 2008
Everyone is worried about getting access wherever they go, and when you hook up with exchange hosting, you can make that dream a reality. Look around you. Chances are that there are plenty of people with cell phones, laptops, and other hand-held electronic devices rushing around trying to keep in contact with their companies. They make a phone call in order to get a contact e-mail address and then have to wait to access the company's POP e-mail in order to contact the client. Doing business like this can take forever, but there is a way around the frustrating annoyances of regular business life. That way is exchange email hosting.

All for OneWhen you choose exchange hosting, you are essentially getting everything for the price of one. Much like visiting a mall that has all the necessary stores that you have to visit in one place, exchange hosting allows you to have access to your e-mail, your contacts, a company calendar, and a number of other essential business gadgets that can help you to get your business technologically ahead of your competitor's. There are some companies that choose to avoid technology, which is almost always a mistake. Avoiding technology means that you are cutting yourself off from a very profitable market. It also means that you may have a difficult time keeping all of your employees "in the loop" so that you can keep your client happy. Exchange hosting helps you to avoid all that. When you choose exchange hosting you are not only given access to Microsoft exchange 2007, you are given access to a number of easy to use features that will make you wonder why you have been avoiding technology.

Always OnUnlike POP email, when you choose exchange hosting you have access to email whenever, wherever, and at all hours of the day. You do not have to worry that you won't be able to get an important e-mail. With exchange email hosting you simply sign on from whatever computer you have access too and you can get all of the information that you may need quickly and efficiently. You can even log right into the company calendar to check on the times for any business meetings that may be occurring.

WirelessIf you really need to keep in touch at all times, look to exchange hosting and their wireless solutions. Most exchange email hosting companies have wireless solutions, allowing you to synch up to the exchange hosting server so that everything is instantly accessible. This means that a BlackBerry or even the new Apple iPhone can help you to keep in touch with your office, in real-time hours, without you having to break a sweat.

Owning a business is difficult, especially in the day and age where everything is all about being the best. Exchange hosting is one easy way that you can help your company to advance without having to add more stress into your day.
About the Author
David Grantz, founding partner and Chief Information Officer of Exchange My Mail, located in Albertson, New York, had vision to recognize the importance of hosted e-mail in the "software as a service" venue, and acted on it. Visit www.exchangemymail.com
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