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Being A Low Pressure Person In A High Pressure World

Feb 20, 2008
A huge challenge for most people involved in a home based business is asking people to join without being a high pressure salesperson. Some people do it easily, while others have good intentions, just very little skill. Honing our skills helps us extend our offer without communicating any pressure. Below are tips to doing just that:

1. Communicate with your prospect that you understand that it is their job to decide if your business is a good fit for them, and you are completely ok with the direction their decision goes. This allows them to let their guard down, and keeps you relaxed because you are not pressuring yourself either.

2. Don't give in to desperation inside. The Home Based Business market is vast - you don't need that particular prospect to join you to have have success! There are over 100 million people looking for a business each year and it continues to grow. There are plenty of interested people out there!

3. Don't allow yourself to become attached to the outcome. If you focus on the money you will make when they join, or how much you want a new member, you will communicate desperation subconsciously.

4. Keep motivated by surrounding yourself with positive things that you enjoy. Focus on the amazing wonders of life, the things you are thankful for. Insecurity only begs the other person to come through for you. Confidence is magnetic!

5. Find their reason for being interested in a Home Based business. Most people have a deeper reason driving their interest. This can be a desire for a better life, more time with family, financial freedom. Understanding their reason, knowing how it fits with your business, and connecting the two can yield wonderful results for you and your prospect.

6. Know your own purpose for why you are doing what you are doing. Even if you don't love sales, if you know why you are doing it, you will communicate passion and enthusiasm which is infectious!

7. Ask what is going on subconsciously inside of you before you make contact with a prospect. If there is anything less than positive, nip it in the bud. Begin to list the things you have to be grateful for and when you feel the change happen inside, do your calls.

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