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Binoculars Can Now Cost $1500 Or More. Start Here Before You Buy!

Feb 20, 2008
Few people have ever looked through a really good pair of binoculars and so they're usually shocked when they see price tags upwards of $2000. So if you're ready to buy one of these quality pieces you should be ready to get your wallet out. Even if you just want a really good one you should expect to spend $300 or more.

Since you're most likely going to be spending more money then you planned it may be helpful to know a few important shopping tips. After all, as you begin to wade through all the available information you're likely to be a bit overwhelmed. So remember these basics before that happens.

*To ensure that customers purchase legitimate goods manufacturers set up authorized dealer networks. Make sure you only buy from and authorized dealer! If you don't you might be forfeiting a potential lifetime warranty. Also don't take the dealers word for it; make sure their listed in the manufacturer's online dealer locater.

*If you look at enough websites you'll quickly discover that most of them are selling for the same price. The optics industry is famous for its MAP price controls. Minimum prices are set by the manufacturers to protect the integrity of the brands a to provide superior warranty protection. If you see a price below the field its most likely an unauthorized dealer and you should stay away.

*If drastic price reductions aren't in the cards feel free to ask for throw-ins and freebies. Often dealers will gladly sweeten the deal to make a sale.

* In my opinion the last place you should do your research is opinion forums or review sites. It is nearly impossible to find one that has not been compromised by the financial influence of the manufactures. Even the most trusted public experts have been taken over by the dark side. Yes be weary of your favorite birder, naturalist, or sportsman if they tout too heavily. Find a dealer who is willing to give you time and information.

*If you've got questions then call a few of the top dealers and get them answered. Dealers are simply resellers who only benefit the market if they help you make an informed decision and make your buying experience easier. If they don't respond to your needs move on, eventually you'll find someone who'll be glad you called.

Every big investment has its little buying secrets. When investing in quality binoculars or other sport optics remember that there are some important things you should remember. First, only deal with authorized dealers you've confirmed to actually be authorized. Second, expect to pay the price. Minimum prices are in effect for all high-end brands. Deep discounts are most likely selling bad stuff. Third, they're are lots of places to buy, deal with someone who is willing to invest a little time helping you make an informed decision. A little extra effort on the front end will pay big rewards in the long run. Happy Viewing!
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