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Find A Niche, Not A Job!

Feb 20, 2008
I have spoken to many people over the years about economic development and bringing industry into depressed areas. And quite frankly, most do not understand the difference between a business and a job.

If you have a job, you trade your time for your employer's money. Think about that - you are trading a very precious commodity, your time, for something of limited value, the cash. On the other hand, if you have a business, the profits are unlimited. Trying to attract jobs to a town is not a good answer for the economy - attracting more business, on the other hand, is very good!

If you want to transform a community's economy, teach them to think like entrepreneurs. Show them how they can find a niche for their business, discover the needs of their potential customers, and meet those needs - all while making amazing profits with their business.

Does that mean we have to teach the whole town these entrepreneurial skills?

No, I said teach it to your community. Start with the community you know best, your niche. Then begin to spread out your friends, your church and finally "yes, the whole town!"

This won't happen overnight. Keep working at it - offer free courses and help others succeed. When they ask, you can tell them that Jesus is the Lord of your heart, your business, and yes, even their business.

It is really that simple. Again, FIND INTERNET NICHE MARKETS, groups on the Internet that have a specific interest. Use a free survey program like surveymonkey.com to ask the people in that group what are the things they want most (the need for the niche) and then do a Google search for that product with the words "affiliate program" after it.

There are dozens of products available, all waiting for you to put them on your website. Add some buttons to make it easy for customers to "Buy It Now!" and then send out the invitations. Once they arrive at your site, collect their emails so you can keep in touch, sending them information on new products that can help them.

As part of a special-interest group, these folks are passionate about their interest. Use those emails to speak to that interest and offer them solutions to problems. That will help you to make amazing profits with your online business.
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