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Best Way To Get Visitors To Your Website

Feb 20, 2008
Best ways to get visitors to your site can be free. You can choose to work online, and get some free visitors to your site, or to pay online for some advertising company that will deliver visitors to your site.

What is important is that in order for your site to become popular in the ways to have more readers, subscribers, or sales, you must get targeted visitors, or visitors that are interested to visit your site.

So, if you are interested in free way, you can start work online, as I was mentioned. The ways you can get free visitors to your site for free are the following:

Traffic exchanges are programs where you collect credits through visiting other sites, and that credits can be used for the visitors to your site. Some types of this program do not have targeted visitors option, or to choose in which category your site can be shown.

Also, some programs have the ways to list your site in some specific category, but your site can belong to category that doesn't exist in that program.

Articles, writing articles about your site, and submit them to the online article directories.

Submitting the site to the search engines. This advertising is the basic, in order for your site to show up in the search engines, but it is very difficult for your site to have high ranking in the search engines, because of big concurrency.

Advertising in classifieds (you can find some free online classifieds online, where you can put your advertising about your site for some limited time, for example for seven, fourteen or thirty days.

Message boards are becoming a member of some message boards that have the same or similar theme as your own site, and start advertising in them, or putting a link in your signature in every post you make.

Online groups such a yahoo groups or Google groups. You can find a group that have the same or similar occupation as your own website, and advertise in them. Through this kind of free advertising, I think you can get some good amount of targeted visitors.

When it is paid advertising in question, in that case you only find a company online that can deliver you targeted visitors, and pay them for your campaign. In this case, it is important to find quality company, and, if it is possibly, the company that can cover your budget for advertising.

The best way to find this company is through some search engines. Some search engines like Google, yahoo, Msn, Goclick, Miva, etc., can deliver you targeted hits to your site, using the keywords that are related to your site.

For instance, if your site is related to some kind of hosting company, and when someone type "hosting company" in the search engine, and if that is the one of the keywords you use for advertising your site, your site will be displayed with other sites that use that keyword for advertising, on the top of search result in that search engine, and on that way your site will have the chance to be visited from that searcher.

My advice with this is to use keywords that are strictly relevant to the keywords in your website. On that way you can get highly relevant targeted visitors.

I hope that this information can help anyone to decide how to promote his site in the best way's, in order to receive targeted visitors to his site.
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