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Robot Labor: The Secret Resource And Silent Sales Force Of The Online Marketer

Feb 20, 2008
Remember in the '60s, foretellers filled our minds with visions of a life of leisure by the year 2000? Robots and machines would dutifully fulfill all the mundane tasks of daily life, leaving humans free to frolic all the day long.

Whatever happened to that dream?

Today, too many of us work harder and longer to earn less and are challenged to find enough time and energy to properly spend with loved ones and friends. Where did society go wrong?

Well, society in general will have to wrestle with that quandary, but I do have some good news for anyone starting or building any kind of online business. Internet marketing tools and resources have become highly sophisticated and it is now easy to automate and accelerate your online marketing efforts. In other words, robots are standing by to do the work for you - 24 hours a day, seven days a week! What are you waiting for?

While the range of marketing tools available to streamline your Internet business is broad, here we will focus on just one specific resource: the autoresponder system.

An autoresponder is software on your computer or an online service programmed to carry out certain marketing tasks for you automatically, either at the touch of a button, or in response to certain pre-programmed electronic prompts, or on autopilot at pre-determined intervals. Many good autoresponder services are available. You can do an Internet search to find them.

The value of an autoresponder as your silent sales tool is immeasurable. In an Internet marketing training guide I have from Stone Evans, the Home Biz Guy, he states, "The purpose of your autoresponder is to follow-up with your website visitors to provide helpful information, build trust with them and ultimately sell them on buying one or more of your affiliate products or joining you in one or more of your recommended business opportunities."

For example, one of the ways that I use an autoresponder "robot" is through my marketing website, just as Evans recommends. On the website, I offer a complimentary subscription to an informative Internet home business tips newsletter. It takes visitors just moments to sign up for the newsletter, then, like clockwork, my "robot" delivers new editions directly to their email inbox every week. I don't do a thing. The web form on my site automatically sends the subscriber's name and email address to my autoresponder service. The service automatically emails the first newsletter in the series, then each subsequent edition at pre-determined intervals.

Each newsletter offers marketing insight as well as recommendations for my products or services. It is win-win: the service is a benefit to my subscribers and a marketing tool for me. And my "robot" does all the work! Occasionally, between newsletters, I use the program to send special offers or announcements. It takes just minutes to draft a message, then I click a button and the autoresponder sends it to every name on my opt in subscriber list.

That is just one of many ways to put an autoresponder to work for you. I can't imagine the time and effort it would take to do the same amount of work by hand.

Society may be struggling to alleviate the oppressive labor load weighing heavily on its people, but smart marketers already know how to ease the strain by employing "robots" as their secret online resource and Internet sales force. You can, too!
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