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Management Degree: Take The First Step

Feb 21, 2008
The ability to manage people is the single most important skill for any new manager Knowing how people think, function and react when they are faced with differing outside forces. Developing respect for all people especially those who are different from you. If you learn how to work with people then you can also learn how to influence the way they act. If you can’t manage people no one will promote you to a management position. If you can’t manage people and you are in a management position then you are doomed to failure. A management degree will also help.

You can’t sit and wait to be given a management job. You must exhibit enterprise. Planning is important in management. You can collect necessary information to help your boss prepare the annual budget. Volunteer to get an estimate price of the new addition to the assembly line.

If you want to get ahead in your career, you can volunteer for company social events. You will expand your business network and gain additional name recognition. Alternatively, you can ask your company’s HR department about management training or coaching options. Those options can help you learn how to manage people. With any of these options, you should not take on more than you can handle without affecting the quality of your primary job’s work performance.

Acquiring a management degree will put you in a good position to get that first management job and put what you have learned into practice. Another way to hone your management skills is to volunteer at one of your favorite charities. Aside from doing a good thing for a worthy cause, you may meet the right person who can help you land your first management job either through that organization or another company.

In the end, if you want to be in the running for a position in management, don’t be afraid to ask. If you wait for someone to offer it to you, you might wait forever. Remind them to keep your name on the list whenever they need someone to lead a committee, small team, or something else. By showing your interest, you will indicate that they should keep their eyes on you. When it becomes apparent you can manage small responsibilities, you will slowly earn more and more responsibility, eventually moving up to management.

Larger companies will maintain a list of open positions on their intranet, the HR department manages these listings. For smaller companies the list of positions may just show up as a list on the bulletin board. However it works in your company keep watching it, and when you see your chance at entry level management go for it. If you have performed well on your job, and also done your homework to know what is expected of managers, as well worked on your people skills, gone through a management degree program, and shown previous interest in management opportunities, you are likely to find that your boss will be supportive of your application.

Management training is crucial for developing the skills you need to manage people. Getting a management degree or developing coaching skills can help you earn how people think, react, and function when faced with different outside forces. It can also help you develop respect for people, even those different from you. Learn how to work with people and then you can learn how to influence their behavior. Nobody will promote you to a management position if you can’t manage people. Anyone who gets a management position and can’t manage people is doomed to failure.
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