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Feb 21, 2008
One of the biggest problems that new webmasters have to face is how to get more website traffic as soon as possible - and keeping it. Actually, even a lot of veteran webmasters with several years of website and/or blogging experience have to contend with this problem as well. It's no wonder that a whole new industry was born out of a single, concentrated need: getting more traffic to your site. Indeed, it seems that getting more and more traffic has become sort of a "Holy Grail" or a quest for webmasters.

I am not sure when or how it actually happened, but people have realized that just because you built it doesn't mean it automatically counts. With the growth of the World Wide Web that has exploded into over a million websites and blogs, Internet users need a good reason to visit your site, and even more reasons to keep coming back. Without any idea of how or where to start, a newbie webmaster will definitely be lost before he can even get started with this task of generating traffic.

There exists a lot of solutions to this traffic generation problem, actually. You can do it the easy way and buy traffic from online vendors. This will result in your website being hit from all angles with automated programs. However, keep in mind that you're only getting hits from machines, not real people. Your stats will jump, but your sales probably won't.

A lot of people try setting up multiple websites or blogs that connect to your main site. This is actually a very effective way to build up your hit count, but only if your site's content makes for excellent reading or viewing. Without quality content, your site will soon stagnate, and all the other connecting sites and blogs with it. If your site has quality content, then this should be no problem for you.

Another popular technique is utilizing the power of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds. Create an RSS feed for your website and subscribe to others as well. Make sure that these other feeds are somehow related to your site's niche, to get better results. However, this method has the same caveat attached to it as that of the multiple sites technique I have mentioned above, and that is to make sure that your site's RSS feed provides interesting and quality content to your subscribers; otherwise, it's pretty useless.

Although I haven't used this next technique, I should mention it for the sake of variety. Traffic exchanges are another good source of traffic for sites, but although they can pile up the hits on your counter, most of the time the people visiting your site cannot be considered as targeted traffic. They are just there because of the credits they are getting from the traffic exchange program. If you are running an e-commerce website and this method is your only way of getting traffic, then I'm telling you now that you are doomed to fail.

There are a few side benefits of traffic exchanges, though. It can increase your website's Alexa rating, which is factored in by some search engines when ranking your site. Thus, a higher Alexa rating may produce higher search engine placements, which in turn could translate into more targeted traffic this time around.
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